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Posted in Babysitting on 10th November 2010

question of Curious328 : How do you deal with a daughter who is obsessed with her father more
My friend of 11-year-old daughter not only love and admire her father to do than most girls. She seems to have an unhealthy attachment to him and has an unusually strong need for its constant attention (like an Elektra complex). She is very jealous and possessive of him, not only when I am there, but for other children as his nieces and nephews there sind.Sobald they noted that he is talking to another adult, or playing with another child, they to stop them jumping in front of him and hang all over him, has also screams of other children, “This is my Dad!” as if they threatened them away to bleiben.Verzweifelt seeks his attention climb on his lap like a baby hanging off of him, straddling him and forces him to pet them and to manipulate him to sleep next to her at bedtime – even if it really no reason that it is now almost a teenager, and not of the dark or fear of anything – except maybe some strange fear of losing her father? While this behavior may not unusual for a young child, she no longer than 5 years old, and it begins to sexually inappropriate and apparently accidentally. (Let me also point out that if they do these things, it is not only on his lap, but spread her legs and lifted them into the air, like the lady is not obvious, and while they may not be aware seems unconsciously sexual.) We have repeatedly said, “You’re acting like a baby” and not to sit “so” and closed her legs, but she continues to do it and does not seem to understand that they are inappropriate behave, or simply does not seem to understand kümmern.Ich not where this unusual desire for attention primarily comes from, as her father gives her lots of love and attention, but it never seems enough – even if it a day dedicated only to have them. She has ADHD and is very spoiled and not very disciplined, so I do not know if that has anything to do with it, but it is embarrassing and sad to see them behave this way, and I think it must be before they are changed everyone gets älter.Wie we can change this behavior to show her that it is no longer appropriate to their age and show some attention to healthier looking wihtout she does feel bad Yes, now I’m “just his friend,” but we together three years and will be set soon. He is not very assertive and can blind her bad behavior, so I’ll give him suggestions, if nothing else seems to work. So maybe like me to ask instead what I can tell, to do him in order to get them without sounding like a nag stop Best Answer:

answer from Lady Catherine
‘we’ is not. He does .. because at the moment only (sorry) his girlfriend, he and he alone must be the one who .. to stop them and it is really hard to say, this is for them to do so sexual .. inappropriate yes .. growing up in my house I could go around naked all day and there was nothing sexual about it, inappropriate, yes, but never were sexual, this may be the case with it .. but again you must put the father on the one end be .. she keeps doing this because it is legal to do so .. and will stop only if someone does stop them .. they can change the way the children who only speak so much and can bee can have to stop ..

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