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Posted in Child Care on 31st August 2012

How do I go about nannying from inside my own home?
I don’t want to go to another home since I have 2 babies. I am just wanting to get a little extra income monthly so that my husband doesn’t have to get another job. If anybody could help me out as to how they went about doing this, or if you by chance need somebody to watch your baby for when you go back to work, please feel free to let me know. I live in Mission, KS. I can go to other homes if they don’t mind me bringing my children with me. I would just be kind of running a “home day care”, except 2 of the children are my own 🙂 Does this make sense?

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Answer by emmyrojo
That’s basicallywhat you would be doing is an “In Home Daycare” You would have to check with your state department of human services on if you have to be registered or not to care for children in your own home – probably not with just watching one child. In Oregon you don’t have to register unless you watch more than 3 children not including your own. The thing is that you make much less per hour doing daycare in your home, than if you were nannying in someone elses home. Daycare here is Oregon goes for around 2.50 to 4.00 per hour, while nannying you could be making up to 15 per hour. You get paid more for being in that persons home. Good Luck!

Answer by midnightmoon62
You need to post an ad somewhere. The local newspaper is great. Fliers posted through the community is great. Craigslist. If you are a member of any parent’s groups ask there. Church or other social/civic groups you are a part of.

Basically, just get the word out that you are looking to do this and it probably wont be that long before you get set up with someone.

Some tips though…
Know how much you are looking to get paid. Some parents may try to get you to a much lower rate than what you are looking for. Along that line, if you are looking to get paid more, try to advertise in the areas that could afford to pay more. For example, dont try to get 300 a week out of the single parent working retail. They will be lucky if they can afford 100 a week.
Some parents will be turned off, but you have the right to verify the criminal background of the parents, and you may also want to check a credit history.
You need a plan for what you will do when they cant pay. Chances are with todays economy it may come up. Are you going to work with them on it or not? I cant tell you which way is right for you, but have a clear cut plan for it, and make sure the parent(s) is aware. Whatever way you go with that, dont let people string you along. Its easy to get caught up in sympathizing with the parent’s situation and watch the kids for free at some point, even just for a day or 2. Thats a bad bad mistake, and you will be taken advatage of if you do that.

A lot of people watching children in their own home dont bother, but you may want to consider going to the health dept to be licensed, and make sure your homeowners insurance will cover if something happens. You really dont want to loose everything you have because susy broke her arm and now the parents are suing for everything.

Answer by Carriehas5
Most home daycare providers DO include one or more of the provider’s own children.

Get in touch with Child Care Resources and Referrals (in the phone book) and ask them who does the licensing in your area. If you do actually get licensed,you will go on a referral list and you can find your clients that way. Most parents will not leave children with someone they don’t know who isn’t licensed , so it would be worth your time to get licensed. It shows parents that you are a professional instead of just “trying to earn some extra money”. Parents and children can tell right away which providers truly enjoy and love their job and which ones are doing it for the money.

Trust me when I say, if you only do it for money…you’ll burn out quick. It IS good money, but so much work is involved, no amount of money alone would make it worth it.
Search yourself first and determine if you would be able to give the best possible love and care to children. They deserve no less!

If you’ve already decided it is a great choice for you, I have tons of info I can give you about running your business. Email if you’re interested.

*On a side note…Home daycare providers who take full time children do not get paid hourly as another poster implied. We make a set salary whether the child attends or not.

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