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Posted in Child Care on 17th January 2011

How do I get this child to understand poverty?
My 10 year old niece (whose parents are now overseas) just made the comment “They’ll be alright” after I told her that she should not throw away food because of starving children around the world. I was serious about this (I don’t just use that phrase anytime they don’t want to eat something) and she just had an “I don’t care” attitude! I was literally shocked because that’s not the way she’s been brought up to feel about people in less fortunate situations. What can I do to show her that starving children are real human beings? I mean, she’s only 10 – so I don’t want to expose her to too much. I’d like her to stay as innocent as she can be, but she cannot think of there people, these KIDS as just nothing! If you have any ideas, please let me know. Thanks

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Answer by lost nation
i think you should show her some videos of people starving over seas. go rent some national geographic vids or something of that manner. but people who have never lived in poverty really can’t understand it. as humans we really only learn such things through experience.

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