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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question by Jaime : How can I get my pet to come home raccoon? They “escaped” and I can find them.?
I lifted her from a newborn with her 2 sisters. She is now one and a half. I usually take it in the yard with me while I work out, but she went down on a tree and the street. Normally they can not bear to be in my view. I’m NOT interested “shes a wild animal” crap, you do not know what it is. I’m not a wild raccoon, she thinks I told her “mother”, so (climbing instinct aside) so I do not know what it is. I have looked everywhere for it, I checked to make sure that it wasn’t on the road and looked under every stone basically in the neighborhood. I have run a rescue and used every trick I know. I’m desperate, I miss them sooo much, please give someone a way to her house to bringen.gut, just great …. now pulled her sister go finden.Ich she believed, she has hanging out in the yard, maybe in the trees, but I do not think shes coming to me because shes afraid that we will get into trouble. I would like to get my arms around them both back. Of course, they both need a good “conversation with” BAD COON Quit scare Mama ……. God, I wish they would kommen.Ok home, the first is “Cooper”. The second sister is “Ty.” Ty Cooper went to look for and now they have both come home and try to live in the yard and in the trees. Which is ok, I just wish I could come during the day when all the mean people who are, and there are so many cars on the road. Any ideas will gebeten.Danke Best Answer.

answer by Sammy Gun they do not
should be allowed to come back to be after she disappeared, they may be infected diseases to your house and yes they know it is a wild animal and that you are not I would suggest you to turn to a sanctuary. You can criminally prosecuted if you do not allow a precise. It is for you not to it, you keep right. if you have no children or other pets you have to stop thinking of her and even addicted to the animal !!!

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