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Posted in Child Care on 15th November 2010

question from Jess : How can I get my daughter’s father to grow up
My friend and I were together since 19 May 2009 was. Our daughter is almost 6 months old. If you do the math, I got a month of pregnancy in our relationship. I know he loves me really, but idk how much longer I can take the bs. He works very little and makes it seem as if he is doing sooo much. He is now in school in 3 classes [he had a] and do nothing all day. I am also in school, I’m under 13 hours online. We live with my father, and he will always be well fed. My friend does nothing but play online poker and online baseball works all day like 2 or 3 days a week, MWF has class, and that’s it. But, I never see him studying. However, I am constantly homework, I have a job, and I know about 90% of the “child care” stuff. I am very stressed and I think it is on the border anxiety disorder. He has really bad ADD, and all he does is for me to make messes to clean up. I do everything! I have a million ways to talk to him and recognize him, that he grow up and be responsible must be tried, but he never changes. This is the father of my child, what should I do? The thing is, we live with my father. And my father never wants to say anything to him about his problems, he always complains to me. So I’m with my bf annoying ranting and kicking him out, if that is what will my father left Best Answer.

reply by Greg N
This is a similar situation as someone who could be an alcoholic or addicted to any other drug. You do have to stop first. You can not force them. In your case, you can not force him to grow up. It must come from within kommen.Sie can always do your best to work with him and patiently as possible. But this is easier said than getan.Dies is not a criticism of you, because things happen, and it is understandable, but the problem is, you yourself involved with and impregnated by a guy who not grown up yet. It is a simple fact of life here, and you will be treated with as much as possible. There is no clear answer. It is one of those things you learn as you gehen.Wenn possible, I would try to go to counseling with him to learn effectively only to the methods of cooperation. This may or may not work, but it is an option, I think, if it were me would. In fact, I would do anything that might help to have any chance to examine. 🙂

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