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Posted in Child Support on 4th April 2012

How do I get back child support?
My x was court ordered to pay child support and soon after he quit his job and got another one. After almost one year I found out were he worked and sent the human resource a judge signed court ordered document to doc his pay. They rejected it. I then sent it “certified mail” and they sent it back. I still have that (5years ago) As soon as I found out were he worked he quit his job.

After about a year I found out were he worked again and I got an order for the judge to have child support taken out of his check. He still holds that job, but has shorted me over a year of child support from his current employer and 2 from the previous.

All together he owed almost 4years of child support. A friend told me that I could get “back child support” but I dont’ know how I can without proving the dates he worked. How can I obtain information from his previous and current employer as to the dates he started etc.? He is making over 60k a year currently and stable job.
I currently have a garnishing order, but have been shorted over a year because thats how long it took me to find out were he worked. Previously i had a garnishing order that his employer refused to comply and was shorted almost 2 years.

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Answer by HD
get a hold of your state’s child support enforcement division of the district attorney’s office, they’ll handle everything for you. it’s not up to you to prove anything, it’s up to him to prove what he’s paid.

Answer by Maxi
The threat of a wage garnishment is often a strong impetus for a debtor to make arrangements to pay off a judgment because many people want to avoid the embarrassment and inconvenience of having their salary reduced….so go back to court and get an ‘garnishing order’……………………….

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