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Posted in Child Support on 12th November 2012

How can I find a loan shark?
I need this Monday 200.00 bad for the school I did not work a job yet, but very soon the school and help to spät.Alle websites? NewyorkgalIch did everything you mentioned. To process credit sharks are my only way out, if they do not have a website, how can I find them Best Answer (s): ?

response from newyorkgal71
Loansharks no websites. Go to your school and tell them you do not have the $ 200., Tell the school that you do not have the money. Ask your parents to borrow the money until you. From your job

response from a soldier in Iraq paid
I would start by places such as pool halls and hole in the wall sports bars. I’m not sure if that’s true, but I have seen it in many movies

response from mac
school aide always late -. You process the very last moment usually after you even started classes -. Please go to the financial aid office – ask for the supervisor – and speak directly with him / her Tell him your financial status -. They will not throw you out of school for $ 200 bucks, but I guess you need it for your books or should I say book because a book can cost $ 200 The schools have “private loans” that are available for people who are “in between” – means that you have some money, but not enough, and you do not qualify as independent child — this is something I like to it would bring up if your parents have complained on their income tax and handed the FAFSA as such – that is, they are still “support” you – that you can only qualify as a dependent student and you get much less financial aid and scholarships – if they are for a PLUS loan and applicable denied by credit obligations, etc. You will then qualify for unsubsidized federal money to look into it …… —- and when they say you did ask —-, for $ 200. I had to help my 2 daughters support for their 8 years of college – it’s hard, but you have as a parent ………. Forgot loan shark …… -and/or speak with your parents financial help and make sure the PLUS loans and unsubsidized more money — or even more money from school ………. best of luck ………

response from cold_fearrrr
Try local small town kind of bank. Be honest. Offer to pay the loan from the student loan offers. You will be surprised.

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