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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st May 2011

How do I feed a new born cockatoo every 20 minutes if I have to go to school?
My dad is going to buy me a cockatoo and I’m going to raise from an egg so that it will be typed to me witch means thinks I’m it’s “mother” so it will never ever run away but the thing is I read something that said you need to feed the chick every 20 minutes but i have to go to school and my mom has go to work. Is there such thing as a automatic feeder or something? Someone please help!

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Answer by Karen
You won’t be able to buy the baby bird until it is ready to be away from it’s mom and can eat on it’s own. I believe the breeder’s and Pet store wait until the birds are 3 months old. Anyone correct me please If I’m wrong.

Answer by Yogi T
First—-Where are you going to get a fertile cockatoo egg? Most of the ones I have heard of are scams and you will never see an egg or your money. No reputable breeder would sell an unweaned baby to an inexperienced person.Not only does your post reveal inexperience but you need to research , research, research!!!!! Forget the baby.

Second—- Bonded birds often fly away. If they didn’t nobody would ever lose a bird.

When you ask about an automatic feeder you don’t know enough to feed a bird.

Answer by rosemary151
You don’t, and it’s probably not even legal for people to sell parrot eggs, or babies that haven’t been weaned yet. But that doesn’t mean the bird can’t bond with you. What you really need to build a bond with a bird is to always be patient and gentle with it, and talk to it a lot, and it will eventually learn that it can trust you. Most non-breeding bird owners did not raise their own birds from eggs, and just like with dogs and cats, many of them adopt a grown bird who needs a home.

And on the subject of adoption, many of the birds given up by people are cockatoos, and there are very good reasons for this. Cockatoos are very loud. As in, possibly disturbing the whole neighborhood. Their toys are expensive and need to be replaced frequently, as these are destructive birds who always need to be kept busy. If they get bored or lonely, they may start self-mutilating and/or screaming. They’re sweet and cuddly as babies, but they get aggressive when they hit puberty, and they can do real damage with their beaks. And they live a long time. Like, as long as people. It would be like having a 2-year-old child with a nutcracker attached to its face, FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. Except unlike a human child, a cockatoo is not going to learn to use your language and signals. It is going to use its own vocalizations and body language, and expect you to understand what it wants. And if you ever get rid of the bird, it would be very confused and depressed, and possibly start mutilating itself. Think about how you’d feel if your parents abandoned you for no apparent reason. Are you, your family, and your neighbors really up to this kind of commitment?

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