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Posted in Babysitting on 1st November 2010

question babygurl : How do I deal with my extremely racist .. unreasonable father? I’m going to give birth to a biracial son ..?
In about 3 months I will be the birth of a little boy who is biracial .. (In white, the father is black) in 19 and he is 20 I will live at home with my parents, to him and me in a position to get an apartment together .. no, we are not completely stable finanacially, to have a child .. but we have a plan and I have confidence that everythin work out OK. My mother is completely fine with him. she said, she can babysit whenever possible and will help me as much as they can. my father on the other side is the exact opposite. i dont talk about no longer with him because of the ignorant comments he has made. Today, he told my mother he is ashamed, and he does want to ever sit Baby, “the mother ******”. & He will leave when the baby is ever in his house. He and my mother will take from his insurance and a bunch of other BS. I do not know what to do I’m really stressed about it and go on what is, after the baby is born fear. Does anyone in the same situation or suggestions Best Answer:

response from Teragram
Well first off, congratulations and I welcome you to step up the plate and take responsibility for your child. I’m very sorry for the way your father’s actions. He is obviously stuck in a certian mentality and you have to feel sorry for him. I think that maybe his emotional thing, you are 19, and he can let go of touble with, because you will soon be a mother, he is probably angry at your baby’s father for her. He directs his anger at the racial issue. Who knows? As soon as your child, and he sees how the process is amazing hey can change. He can not your mother from his insurance unless he is going to happen, they divorce, which I doubt. You can not at a time like this stress, it is too dangerous for the baby. Start trying to figure out something .. do you have grandparents figure? Aunts or uncles? Or perhaps a friend? Im sure you will find some where to go in order to make this situation a little better for you and your son. Try your father a letter, how much that hurt you is that this isn’t a child mistakes, and what is not. In this way, avoid a fight and it can really sink a lot of luck.

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