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Posted in Child Support on 2nd December 2010

How Do Child Support Laws Safeguard Children

At their root, child support laws are constructed to ensure that responsible parties financially support the upbringing of their dependent children. This can be influenced by many factors; such as the establishment of responsible parties and how much they should pay, how much time they spend with their children, and so on. We will look at how these work, and how they benefit children in a moment.

Children who are subject to a child support order can primarily look forward to financial stability in the absence of one or both parents. In child support cases where sole custody is awarded to a single parent, or to third parties who have agreed to be responsible for the child (such as grandparents), child support payments will be sought from the child’s absent parents.

These payments are based upon a number of factors:

– The amount of time the absent parent spends with the child.

In most cases, the longer a guardian spends with their dependent child, the less they will be ordered to pay in child support. In cases of joint custody, it is unlikely that either parent will pay child support.

– The income and expenses of the absent guardian.

he court will establish how much a parent is able to pay in support of their child. This includes their income and expenses. Child support won’t necessarily take all free funds, but it is likely to be a significant quantity of the unspent income.

But how do child support laws protect children? The two factors described above should demonstrate how the child support system is geared to create a safety net for children and their guardians. The courts primary goal in any child support arrangement is to ensure the best possible circumstances for the child’s upbringing; as such, it will first seek joint custody. If joint custody is not attainable a court will establish exactly how much financial support can be provided and order that quantity to go toward the child’s care.

Misspending of child support money is severely frowned upon, and may result in a court nullifying a child support arrangement to end the payment responsibility of the absent guardian. To avoid this situation, it is common for courts to allocate child support fees to specific costs such as the child’s schooling or health care.

In contrast, missing child support payments can also be severely dealt with. A parent who refuses to pay child support, or misses child support payments may be charged with ‘contempt of court.’ This can result in many varied punishments ranging from removal of drivers licenses or work licenses to a jail sentence. Most courts look upon child support avoidance as equivalent to child abuse.

Child support laws are tough and robust, but their enforcement requires the vigilance and co-operation of both guardians. The overall objective of any child support order is to raise the quality of life for thechild, and this will be the judges priority in any legal proceeding.

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