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Posted in Babysitting on 24th November 2010

How could I get with this girl while we are alone?
Well today I got to “baby sit” some girl thats the same age as me so my brother and his friend can go somewhere. He claims that shes hot. I never seen her before. What are some things to say or do to help get with her. We are both 15. I have about 2 hours+ with her.
ceebees shut up just cause you can’t get anything

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Answer by Ngumbme Goldstein
well first you’d need to figure out whether or not you have a penis.

if yes, then put said penis into her vagina.

this is how you get with a girl

Answer by ~Baby in luv~
get to know her:fav color< flavor of ice cream stuff like that and then ask her if she would ever date you and make sure you say just wondering then watch a movie or do something fun!! at the end of the day/night if she said shed date you ask her out!

Answer by Ty
Play the game where you ask questions about yourself and they guess on them. If they guess wrong an article of clothing is removed, if they guess right nothing happens. Usually ends with both members naked and since you are both naked you will should ask if you could feel her up. Then make magic happen.

Answer by IneedAnswers123123
Okay, First, if you’re hot, then you’re in luck because you should just ask her strait out, like do you wanna hook up with me, I’m a 15 year old girl, and whenever guys ask me that,(or even the ones that don’t but i wish they would) i get excited. Girls love hooking up with people, it’s fun and if you ask her it’ll make the night so much easier, or you two could watch T.V and be talking and out of no where just say “wow, you are so beautiful” when guys say that to me I attomatically feel something, and the fire starts. Compliment her or ease into a little bit, also you two could snuggle, and tell her you really like her, and she’ll makeout with you, just have fun with it, I LOVE MAKING OUT WITH GUYS UNEXPECTIDLY and so does every other girl i know. but whatever you do, dont make yourself excited and then randomly become shy when you meet her, you have to stick with your plan! Hope I helped((:

Answer by cee bees
wow, you are being trusted to babysit and all you can think about is p*ssy??? Girls, don’t just give it up within hours and if you try to touch her without permission-why don’t you add, SEXUAL OFFENDER to your name for the rest of your life, not to mention her father potentially bring great harm to you. My son and husband would crush a creeper like you! Not to mention losing all the pay.

ANd why would a parent trust a same age boy to babysit same age girls. You really sound like a perve!

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