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Posted in Working Mothers on 30th October 2010

Question mom t! : How could anyone call a working mother “negligent” ?
I have a 17 m / daughter and another on the road. both my husband and work full time and have great jobs. working day and work nights so they only need a babysitter for an hour each work day (4 days a week) just to cover the time I’m commuting and waiting for my husband to bajar.mi nanny recently told me she did not want to see my daughter because she thinks that since the full working time I am “neglecting my daughter.” is sick but me. be a Sahm is something that not everyone can do it. our bills (mortgage, all the normal things like cars, food, utilities, insurance, and the cost of one child and one on the way) require much work and my husband and I take good care of our daughter .. . I work as providing for my son, rather than leave the burden only on my husband, who in turn have to work two jobs if you leave mine .. Have any of you see a mother who works as a mother ‘ ‘negligente”Eso yes, this girl refused to see my daughter is a Sahm who has never worked a day in your life and feel at home all day and spend their husbands money to buy clothes online .. not know the value of a dollar and not .. her husband takes in more than 3k a month and still collect food stamps and Medicaid because she lied on the applications, saying that both were unemployed. I think this is more irresponsible than both parents working full time could be SIEMPRE.para the dizziness, my sleep is very limited .. I come home at 7 am and my daughter is around 10, I just sleep in shifts, and luckily he likes to take naps with me:) I get 3 days off each week, so catch up in the late week: not) know how, but I arreglo.También, I appreciate all the kind responses. My daughter and I have a wonderful relationship, a lot of time together, whether it is a relaxing bath before leaving for work or lunch together outside on the grass, which is very well rounded and I belive it does not confuse my work schedule / damage it at all. thanks to all Best answer:

Reply by Vertigo
not negligent, no. In my view, continuity of care is most important for a child so young, and seem to have solved. Your daughter knows that is or will be you or your spouse for the most part, with a babysitter for just one hour a day. It seems a very good thing for me – I mean, the bills still have to be paid somehow, and not everyone is meant to be a stay at home mom. I think you’re doing the best they can. All I have curiosity to know is when you sleep? How do you manage to get any sleep at all with working at night and having to mind your daughter during the day?

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