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Posted in Child Support on 16th September 2012

How come men pay child support for a kid they never wanted?
I am doing a debate/propsing a law for a class. The topic I chose to argue is “Women who have a child against the father’s objection should not be able the to seek child support.” I need help with main ideas that I should address, if there’s any relevant or applicable law and ideas of that sort. I need sound, reasonable, and logical arguments. I have my ideas already I have done a lot of research but I think asking this on here might open my eyes to points I may have not thought of. Also opposing views are welcome, it will help me in developing my counterattacks. Thanks in advance
wow you guys are missing the whole point. If the woman is the one who chose to keep the baby and the guy didnt want to be a father, why is it the guys fault? The woman wants the kid so badly then she should have the responsibility. What about the women who decieve the man and get pregnant on purpose? Thats not fair at all. It shouldnt just be the womans choice on what happens. How come she gets to decide what happens?

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Answer by babyj
are you kidding?
id go with the other view sweetie.

Answer by yayitssonya
too bad.. should think of that before intercourse.. wear a condom

Answer by Jack H
what about lesbians, that have chilren who has to pay child support

Answer by angel_again
if the guy is old enough to play doctor, hes old enough to pay for it.

Answer by caly925
OK should sperm donors be liable for child support also? if that be the case then all men regardless should be held accountable for bringing forth life we as women cant do it by ourselves, every time a man has sex unless hes fixed runs the chance of knocking up the girl.

Answer by _MamaJ
Simple, then don’t have sex.. babies are a result of sex and someone needs to parent them.. dumb question.. I hope you use birth control yourself.. nothing real personal!

Answer by ltw0005
Both biological parents have civil, spiritual, emotional, and fiduciary responsibility for any offspring.

Answer by Johnny B
It takes two to tango!
I suppose if the man kept the child then the women should pay child support would you say the same then?

Answer by Miranda C
i think that with sex comes responsibility and if a man does not want children, then he shold make sure of that by not having sex with the person or using a condom for protection, he can take responsibiltiy for that if he doesn’t want children and thats how a judge would see it

Answer by ஐ♥Julian’sMommy♥ஐ
If a man had a child with someone and did not want it then why didn’t he use condoms? He should have not been having sex if he did not want to have a kid. It is his place to support the child no matter if he wants it or not cause you play, you pay.

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