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Posted in Child Care on 24th November 2010

How can you help an ADHD child want to learn?
My 12 year old son is ADHD. At one point in time, ffom K thru 3rd grade he was a straight A student and he loved to learn. Doing his homework was never a problem for him. He loved to experiment with all kinds of subjects. Then when he got to the 4th grade he got a teacher that stereotyped him as bad because of his ADHD. She sent him to the principle for even the littlest thing ex. bending down to pick up a pencil he dropped on the floor so he could finish his classwork. When he tried to explain to her what he was doing she said he was defiant ans argumentitive b/c he should have went without trying to explain what happened. That year he was sent home at least once a week for teacher accused dissrupting, being defiant and argumentitive. Since this year he has given up trying in school. His grades are poor and he has developed a “don’t care” attitude about school. He has been seen a therapist for 2 years to try and help him. It has helped some but not as much as I would like.
I want to help him get excited about learning again, and to remember how much fun it can be. He is in his first year of Jr High now and I want him to excell. If anyone has any suggestions on ways I can try to get him back interested and excited about school i would live to hear them.

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Answer by Knight Davion
from what i view, i hope this will help:
1st: that kid got humiliated by that senseless teacher reason 1 why he doesn’t wanna go to school

2nd: try to fight back that teacher,of course not in physical way but the smart way(the way that works for me that i did on the teacher which has the same attitude as him,nobody likes the teacher, talking the logical way and the truth is the strongest will that support in a argument, if you want, get a small Camera for your kid and tape what happen when the teacher got fussy again, that will be a concrete proof and Sayonara to that teacher.

This might sounds a bit….bad but….your son isn’t wrong and he has the right to fight back! (sry for the lawyer talking style,as i suffer the same as he do, and i solve it myself cause i think it’s the right way)

Answer by pbieagles
well first you should report the teacher to the school or a board for discrimination. 2nd. situation= he could be trying to be “cool” by failing,its been a situation ive seen but never understood. Try a reward system like extra time with tv or whatever he likes to do. Also, he should be taking pills, i have friends who have some of the worst cases of a.d.d/A.D.H.D and they are fine with the pills

Answer by Granny PJ
Are you certain that he is ADHD? I mean, he did so well in school up to the point that he became frustrated….

My son was ADHD… he had extreme trouble staying focused on school work…he couldn’t even sit still in his desk… at home he literally “bounced” from couch, to chair, and all over th house. I had to drive him to school, as the bus driver couldn’t keep up with him.

My question is, was he adhd from the start? or is this a new diagnosis? and is he on any medication for it? Event some of the medication that they are using for ADHD these days, can cause behavior issues….

My personal opinion, is that too many kids are being diagnosed with ADHD these days, and many of those do not really have it. It’s become a convenient diagnosis, to keep the blame off of the real problem…. a problem of overcrowding in the schools, lack of funding, behavior issues that stem from both problems in the home, and in the schools.

What I am reading in your question, is that your son may be suffering from a lower self esteem problem… possibly brought on by the very fact that he has the ADHD diagnosis. Is it possible, to forget for a while,. that he has this diagnosis? And look at just the boy?

Perhaps an activity that is outside of the school…. such as a swim team, boy scouts….. something that he might be able to participate in, and be proud of. The point is, take the attention away from the ADHD diagnosis…. turn the attention toward his accomplishments.

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