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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of M : How can we refund or show our thanks to our step-son, “mother” ?
I’m just wondering if anyone has any good ideas of ways to show our appreciation for my stepson mother. My husband is the son of the mother sign off the support of all my men, “be kids” and we agreed to 50/50 custody ~ praise the Lord! Just a fyi most arear came in times of need from my husband works seasonally adjusted, in fact, when it rains and dry up the dirt again, he could not work (we live in a rural population) … was except that we always wear, 1 / 2 sports fee, etc. for my step-son! So he never does without, and my husband has to see is son. Anyway, I have do not know them to be this generous and I feel I do more to show appreciation for their actions. “My” bank accounts were garnished and we can not even buy a house because of this back child support, but know our lives can change.Is hard it is too sticky or “desperate” sounding her a gift card for dinner or give something. .. or should I say, nothing. I am so grateful that we see more of our son now, and that now we can move financially foward.ach yes and add only talked like close to $ 7-8 thousand dollars a back support in recent years … Best answer:

reply by Lisa
I think you should invite them to lunch, just the two of you and say what you have stated above. I think that would mean more than anything.

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