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Posted in Child Support on 23rd January 2011

how can u get out of paying for child support ?
before we start NO this is not about me and i dont care about the ” u should pay for child support ”

now to the question:::
my GF was telling me a story that if the dad of a kid can get the mom to sig a paper it will mean he gaves up all his rights to the baby and a plus to this is that he never has to pay child support (if that is so can the mom do it to the dad ? )

i have looked all over the internet but have not seen any thing about a paper or any other way of getting out of it only thing i every find is poeple saying “how u should pay for child support”

some have said u can gave up ur rights but u will always have to pay for child support (as long as the mom want to cont for it)

i do know that if the dad moves out of the USA it will be real hard for them to make the dad pay harder to find him that way lol

and plus say where u get ur info from if from a website plz gave the address ty for ur help with this

Best answer(s):

Answer by Bugsey
If the dad signs away his rights he wont have to pay any child support. But, this also means he will be treated like any other stanger to the baby.

Answer by QUEENS
if the baby is not your, you cant.

Answer by missbeans
As far as I know, you can’t sign away your legal rights unless a stepparent wants to adopt the baby. Is the mother ok with you doing this? You can’t do it unless SHE petitions the court, you can’t.

Answer by luisamapacha
If the father signs his rights away, he won’t have to pay child support. By doing this, however, he will never be able to see the child or be a part of its life. I think the woman has to agree to it, too.

Answer by Heather H
When one parent(mother or father) signs away their rights they no longer have to pay child support and the parents with custody decides they will also no longer see the child, I know from experiance, Im the step mom to a 4 year old, his biomom signed away her rights and is no longer allowed to see him and does not have to pay child supprt, and also I will be allowed to adopt him therefore making him legally my son.

Answer by Joycee
The best thing would to be to put in in writting that she accepts that he will NOT be giving her money or any support of any kind and she signs it and acknowledges that way….he can walk away freely ….

Answer by Mandy S
I kind of hate myself for answering this, because child support SHOULD be paid… the only person hurt by signing those papers is the kid, who happens to be the ONE person in the whole situation who is completely blameless for what’s going on……

You can contact a lawyer and sign over all your parental rights. This means that you don’t pay child support, but it also means that you don’t get visitation and you don’t get tax breaks or child tax credits, etc. You are nothing more than a strand of DNA to the child. You do not have parental rights, but you also do not have parental obligations.

And it’s permanent. If you decide to sign over your parental rights, it’s the last word on the subject.

Oh, and it’s selfish and cowardly.

Answer by JJMcIntosh
If the father gives up his parental rights, then he cannot be forced to pay child support. That is the end of his legal obligation to the child. He is no longer responsible for the child in any way….not even for child support. However, he is a low life SOB not to take on responsibility for his own blood. The child has to suffer bc he/she has a pathetic father who is immature, and should be sterile so that he is no longer able to have children. He should not even be allowed to have sex any longer. For every deadbeat father out there, they should just castrate them all at the time that they do not take care of their responsibilities. They were grown enough to lay in the bed with her knowing the likeliness that she could become pregnant, so he should be grown enough to take care of his child that he was 1/2 responsible for to begin with.

If the father of the child has legal custody of the child, or someone other than the mother has legal custody, then yes, the mother can sign her rights away as well. If not, and no family member is willing to take custody of the child, then the child will be placed for adoption.

Answer by hmeshow
I have been in this position and consulted a lawyer.

You can sign away your rights BUT if this is not sufficient evidence that the child will be financially taken care of then you may still have to pay child support. A judge can terminate your parental rights and still make you pay.

If this question is for you then you will want to consult an attorney before you do anything.

Answer by PunkMom
If you surrender your parental rights, you sever all legal rights and obligations to this child, which ends any need for child support. However, this must be agreed up on by BOTH parents AND the court. You can’t just sign something on a notepad at the bar and be done – this is a serious (and irreversable) legal matter.

This is done when the child is being adopted, including adoption by a step-parent. Below is a sample form from NH which describes how it works – this is similar in most states.

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