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Posted in Child Care on 20th November 2010

question from loyal friend : How can I transfer my worries that “best” friend always mad at me for some unknown reasons, ?
Ok here goes .. I have a friend who I have known for the last 14 years, we have high school togeather, then lost contact for a while, then closed about 2 years after high school reconnected when she learned she was pregnant. I have worked with her since then, and our men togeather for years in the same job, and when she was a child we were there at the hospital and have since been togeather. Now everything was going great for years already, then I went to college to use to make a career change. While in school I have allowed her to borrow some money, she said she would the payments begin immediately, but it was more than 2 years before I saw the money, and once I ask that they blew and didn ‘t speak to me for weeks. This kind of started the whole “what have I done now” mentality of me. Since that time do I have decided to go to nursing traveling since my husband and I had no children, it is would be a great opportunity. She was absolutely furious with me. she began to me one night and said: “How can you leave me How could you do such a thing How can your husband was just doing his job (the same job her husband was still working) and just go to travel without worry? “She told me she thought it was a crazy idea. Look for travel nursing, I was able to leave my husband what he deserves because he’s crazy hours worked, to get me through school, and he was my “home” for two years, and we had the best time of our lives . Needless to say, my friendship with her has been rocky, and we were down, I never knew if I wanted to talk to friend or girlfriend # 1 # 2, it was like they were split personalities. Now that we not spoken in more than 2 months, she texted my husband and told him she was thinking about “talking to me, they just did not know whether they could handle the drama.” He simply said that if she felt our friendship was worth it, they would swallow their pride, Apoligize and try revive our friendship. She did just that, and we began to speak again, and was great for about a month, then something happens. It’s like they switched to friend # 2 again, it shatters when to change my plans and I can not do something like walk like go with her, when I said earlier, I probably would if she changes her plans, she is upset when I say something about it. I’m just confused, a 14-year-old friendship is worth so much drama, or should I say, you say goodbye? My worry consumes me to the point of physical illness, I can not sleep, I can enjoy a relationship with my husband, I can focus on work because I am constantly checked my phone to see if it is SMS me to tell me of something I told her to sour. Now when I ask her if she’s crazy, she says something like “I’m not, but I will if you ask me again?” Now, if someone is crazy and they act a certain way, that their emotions show, it is a common reaction to ask whether they are crazy, or at least I think it is – and this is what my question is . Best Answer:

response of cooking
a better friend

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