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Posted in Babysitting on 11th January 2011

How can I tame my dog?
I have a 2 year old male yorkie. He has been neutered. He was trained to sit, lay down, shake, roll over, and has been potty trained. Though, when you try to give him a commend (such as “sit”) he only does so if he pleases. He very much has a mind of his own. He’s not one to be held or petted. He’s always jumping off the walls… literally. I also have a little 9 month shih tzu who is the exact opposite and is VERY well behaved and loves to snuggle. I know I can’t force the yorkie to let me hold him and pet him if he doesnt want it, but how can I get him to calm down? Is it even possible? NO ONE I know will tolerate my yorkie and people actually tell me I should get rid of him. But, I have been with him since he was a 9 week old puppy, and yes, keeping up with him is exhausting (you can take him on 2 hour walks and he will STILL be high energy!), but I love him and I dont want to risk giving him to someone else who may get frustrated with him and him end up in a shelter or something. But, I am worried because I will be having a baby soon and I dont want him jumping in and out of the crib and all over baby. What can I do?

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Answer by coloradygrl
Dogs respond very well to positive reinforcement, you must start training him with treats. You could try a whistle to deter bad behavior. Train the dog every day in sessions no longer than 10-15 minutes. Use a firm voice when training.

Answer by Bill L
Go to a trainer.


Answer by Basset Puppies = land piranhas
Obedience classes – with a trainer that goes past simply teaching the exercises and goes into ENFORCING them. When you say sit, you should only say it once and them MAKE him sit.

Also, Nothing In Life is Free should help.


Answer by bells3011
Yes, dogs respond very well to positive reinforcement…that’s why your dog does what he wants when he wants.

He’s an illbehaved spoiled dominant brat! What you can do, is train him….

How you choose to do it, is up to you. You can try it yourself or get a trainer to help you. I would recommend a trainer whose mind goes a little beyond “positive only” training….

a properly fitted prong would probabaly do wonders for your little “angel”.

Answer by Shana
Get in touch with a dog behaviorist ASAP. It sounds like he needs a lot of professional training.

As for your new baby, it’s very simple – supervise all interactions between the dogs and the baby. Keep them separated using a baby gate, a dog crate, a closed door, whatever. I am having a hard time envisioning how the little Yorkie could get into a crib?

To the people telling you to get rid of him, remind them that he is still a living being whom you took responsibility for. You’re right, dogs with behavior problems are often not adopted. With a little bit of patience and commitment I am sure he will be much more manageable and everyone will be happier.

Answer by K
You can’t just train a dog to do things and then never work with them again and expect them to remember. Training is an ongoing thing. I suggest you consult with a professional.

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