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Posted in Babysitting on 24th June 2013

How can I talk to my mother in law without an argument?
My MIL fit my children for the first Time last night. Although I appriciate the help, some of them I can do without. I put my 22 mo old son dinner for the evening, he’s on a strict diet from the doctor, because he is suffering from constipation. You know this but they fed him what they eat instead, “because he liked it better,” it was a potato casserole or something that contain a lot of starch. Now I have it every day so hes not scream his dose Miralax if he has to do his duty. My daughter is 6 1/2 mo and is still getting used to, baby food adjusted. To get them to eat it, she put sugar in it! I dont bribe them with candy if they do not want to eat. When kids arent hungry, they do not compel. She gave my son a sucker around 7 and his bedtime is an hour and half later. He hopped off the walls when we got home. She put losing their diapers, and they fell down and leaking. I tightened a little and they told me I was wrong, and it would hurt them. I had to show her …… That they are stretchy and they wont hurt you. They still did not believe. She complained that my daughter froze and turned our heating up to almost 80 and took off her socks. She made a huge mess in my kitchen that I just finished cleaning b4 she came and left her there when she left. She leaves dirty diapers into the ground and my puppy has ahold of one. I was playing with my son (tickled him), he laughed and told me that he was not so! How can I approach her. I thanked her for the help, but when I said something else, they got out and told me I have ticked no right to speak to her that she was back and forth grandma and should be allowed to do what they want to do. I’ve never given her a reason to hate me, she does it out of spite? How can I talk to her? My husband paid her cause she needs the money to babysit. She said she hated me in the past, and is quite rude to me and I’ve nothing but nice to her Best Answer (s):.

response from Dimples
It sounds like at this point to emphasize your rules, even if it causes require an argument. Your children must be treated with particular care, and they must understand that you are the mother of these children and you know best. I do not think they hate you, after you have this conversation with her, but I think they will respect you more than a mother, a wife and a daughter-in-law. Put them down and have a conversation with her about what she did right and wrong, to point out that it if this causes stress, but that is not what they have for your children to understand ‘health. Let them know that you hope they can give you as a mother, wife and a daughter-in-law.

respect Reply CyndiDrum
All people are different and we learn as we grow. Your mother-in-law may have had bad intentions or they were just trying to make sure the kids like it. I think that you should not ask whether they babysit and more easily maintain your relationship with her. There is no need, something they can upset or change how she feels about you say. Just find another babysitter.

response from mellow
Well, where do I start. First, you might want to tell her how important it is for your child’s diet, it sounds not need to understand or may not believe the child has a problem to follow. Maybe go to a medical website and print it out for them to read and understand. next, you can alittle picky about the diaper thing most of us do not use grandmothers on the new diapers and how they work now. You have to ask yourself, do you want your MIL to do homework or watch the kids? So at this point the kitchen clutter can looked as they apparently watching the children. Remember, keep each house doing things alittle differently than you. If you do not want certain things given to your children, you have to let that be known, because no two people educate a child the same way. Just nice to talk to tell her things. On a nice note, they probably felt your disapproval and was on the defensive about the whole thing It probably made her feel like she had done something terribly wrong, and no harm is intentionally grandmother’s grandchildren. It is even harder when it’s the MIL his babysitter because for some reason there is a wall there that some times can not be undermined. If you have a good relationship with her? She lifted her husband and apparently he survived. Only to them. Talk

Reply westfield47130
Tell ur MIL to get a grip …. or just add an F MIL … and keep them busy with guys, so it is not there to be a pain.

his answer by curious
Each generation has its own way of thinking. Your MIL is not malicious, but she thinks she knows best. To cultivate friendly relations not ask if they babysit again, make other arrangements because they do the same thing again, but hard you try to explain.

her when it comes Reply free_angel
Tell your children, you will still like you speak. They make the rules for your children as they make the rules for their children and do not ever try to underestimate your parenting skills again. Never ask if they babysit, she is the babysitter from hell.

Reply TPhi
I’m here to tell you, honey, that your mother-in-law not likely to change. But give it a few more chances anyway. Before she passes, write down instructions. However, do not write or type an entire page and expect her to read it. Make it the sort in outline, and keep it in simple sentences. If it still does not follow the rules, then take them to lunch or dinner sometime — maybe just the two of you — and tell her that she is a good grandmother and that you respect them, but that you and your husband need support when it. certain things like that which comes to feed the children Be as nice to her as you can, and let go the other little things. The diaper incident is a small thing and spoil them a little something that everyone looks forward to the grandmother. Hmmmm ….. I leave the kitchen mess of me happen, I think, just deal with it as part of Babysitting “fee.” You have my greatest sympathy and understanding. I had to deal with much of the same thing when my kids were kids deal. But I had to take a father-in-law, the chewing gum when they were under one year old and gave them his dirty old chapstick in her mouth! (Can you hear me scream?) There is much more that I dealt with, but fortunately, I survived. They are also and especially focus on the best mom ever, and always let your children see that some of the things Grandma does get to you. I also hope your husband will help you and do not shy away from standing up to his mother. But not always in the middle of it, okay? It’s not worth the stain brought it to your marriage. This is just the first of many tests that will come along. Show him that you love him, even if he did not tell his mother to sit up and follow the rules.

response of jus
My MIL is like yours, and that’s what I did. I had three big blow ups with her and she was crying and went on for weeks and weeks and turned the whole family against me. So I have to say, to speak dose not always work if there are MIL The knowledgeable about most of the time it right and go on and on and on until they win and you stress and worry never sleep. Because all you want is for all of you get along and be able to happy family spielen.Am end did not get her baby sit. I find it to be stressed is full and you are not enjoying myself because you already think about what you said to walk in and finden.Haben you with your husband about his mother? Sure it helps. You do not want them not to know him, to be sure. I find it interesting what my MIL says to my husband, if I shoot from the ear bin.Alles what I can say is good luck. My husband and I moved 700K is gone so we could get along and they do not have in our business all the Zeit.PS Send your eldest a bit of sugar on his wheatbix and he will go to the bathroom alittle better.

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