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Posted in Working Mothers on 20th May 2014

How can I read faster?
I REALLY want to get my reading speed faster. Everyone in my class is always reading more than me and they don’t take as much time to read as I do. It upsets me and I would read except it takes me forever and I always feel like a failure after I go on to the next page, which is two minutes after I started the page.

I want to read faster because then I might like reading.

My friends are always reading during lunch, work time, and every second. It makes me sad especially when one of my so called “friends” brags and says “I read this much but you only read this much!”

I have to say the words in my head when I read. I tried not to and I said a e i o u when I was reading to not say the words in my head. I read faster but I couldn’t understand a work so I had to go back a bunch of times so it didn’t save time.

How do I read faster? I never get done with books in class. My teacher expects us to read as fast as she did when she was in school and she was a reading addict. She was super fast. Then when I don’t get done in the expected time she yells and directs it towards me in a way. “You had how much time to do this? Obviously everyone should be a goody two-shoes like me, who was never off task, and loves reading. Oh and I forgot to mention how I was so excelled in the work I did. Obviously since you should all be as good of readers as me you were off task, and even though you might be slow, I am not going to run that by in my head and I will just assume the worst when you don’t finish the book in class when I tell you not to take them home.”

What are some methods to use to help me read faster? I never understand why, when my friends and I want to slide a bag of carrots around on the table, another friend gets mad and yells “I’m trying to read stop it just because I am boring means you have to have no fun and you can’t even get your carrots opened now to eat them.” I want to understand. Also will I always be like this? I really want to be able to read quickly because everything is so hard to do when I am slow. I also want to be able to read books for fun while everyone else does and not feel left out for being slow.

WHAT I WILL REPORT: I’M TOO LAZY TO READ, YOU ARE SO NEGATIVE, YOU ARE STUPID, and anything else rude, mean, or not answering the question.

Best answer(s):

Answer by C.J.
Just read more. It comes with time.

Answer by the phenom
secret to read faster is reading a lot

Answer by Stephen T
Most colleges and a lot of schools offer speed reading courses. They are very helpful in how to read faster.

Answer by C-babble
Wow you have a lot to say. There isn’t a way someone can learn to read faster. It’s just what your brain can hold and take in. Unless the only way is to learn more words. Study the dictionary. xD lmao.

Answer by Alex =)
You might read slow because you are easily distracted. Try to read in a well-lit, comfortable place. Or your book may just be uninteresting.

You’ll end up reading fasters when you get into the book.

Answer by discountgames
there’s a common technique by teachers to help their students read faster. simply read an excerpt(document, page in a book, etc) and try to read the except as fast as you can while understanding what it says.

Answer by iLyBaBy101
Read a lot of book especially seriesbecausee once you finish one you want more and more of it. Its very useful. So then later on you will cath up qith your class. If your lazy to read then get a kindle lol.

Answer by Mystique
Practice reading everyday. The more you do it, the faster you will become. It’s as simple as that.

Answer by Winslow F
I get into a sort of trance when I read. I guess it is really natural, and your teacher is going to have to get over it. Unless you just want to skim it, I don’t usually read every word.

Answer by lookitsmee:]
I have the same situation, when everyone surpassed me from reading i got so pissed so i took some random book and start reading it out loud at least 10mins a day now im readingg super fast. Try it, it’ll help a lot. :]

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