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Posted in Child Care on 9th August 2011

How can I make him care?
My friend/coworker, whose first language is Chinese, buys everything from Chinese websites because they are much cheaper. I’ve been trying to tell him that he’s both ruining the U.S. economy (to which his response is “f**k the U.S.”) and he’s promoting child abuse (because a lot of workers in China are actually under 14, to which his response was “who cares?”) I personally never buy anything either made in China or sold at places like Wal-Mart, and I would love to have him at least see things the way I do, if not agree with me. How can I do that?
Very helpful, Agent Smith
but COMPLETELY beside the point!

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Answer by Agent Smith
you personally dont buy anything chinese? i bet you do! so much of the worlds products are made there

Answer by bulldogs_gal10
Its very difficult in today’s society to not buy anything made from China at all.

You obviously have strong beliefs on this but you have to understand, he is Chinese and has different beliefs.

I think he can see things they way you do but considers saving $ $ to be more important?

Answer by olivegal
Stop being self-righteous and recognize that the US economy is falling into ruin anyway.

Alternatively, accuse your friend of harbouring weapons of mass destruction, and then invade him.

Answer by shortarabguy
There’s not much that you can make him do, to be honest. His concern is cost over ethics, and there’s not much you can do to convince him of something other than that. You made the argument of ruining the US economy, but why is he, a Chinese-born individual( I’m assuming), not allowed to foster his own economy if he wants to?

The United States has its own share of terrible economic practices, although I’ll admit that China does have a much worse track record. As for your statement about child abuse, I don’t know how fair it is to make that assertion. It’s true that labor laws in China are relatively non-existent, but telling him that he’s supporting child abuse is a leap on several levels.

And this is disregarding the fact that a huge proportion of the world’s goods( and especially those in the United States) are made in China, meaning that the chances are extremely high that you’re supporting these practices in much the same way as him.

Answer by K R
And what makes you feel it’s your place to criticize someone for their own choices? Do you want someone telling you where and where not you can buy something? Last I heard the US was a free market place…This statement is just like the old statement people used to do in the 80’s when talking about Cars.. Buy American! But the American Car market didn’t put up a comparable product next to Toyota and Honda.. So they were telling you to buy crap just to support your country…

Geez we allow 16 year olds to work in factories and thats so much better then 14 huh? Different countries.. different rules.. get over it. 16 is adult in your eyes? GET OFF YOUR HORSE AND JOIN THE REAL WORLD…

Answer by michael c
He’s simply exploiting the Free Market ideology that your country has so vehemently defended and propagated around the world. If you are so opposed to the conditions of workers in China, you should directing your energy towards American companies that are already investing billions of dollars in China.

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