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Posted in Working Mothers on 6th February 2011

How can I Give my brother parenting advicec with out him freaking out on me????
My brother, about a year ago, received full placement custody of his 3 year old daughter. The mother “didn’t want her anymore”. My brother took Abbie with open arms. Now I know that he is trying but man, sometimes he just loses all his patience with her. He yells and puts her in her room for what seems like no reasons. I know he is trying to make this all work but sometimes i think it make the situation worse. Abbie is a 3 year old handful, i understand that. But a lot of patience goes a long ways. Any Ideas on how to talk to him about calmer parenting skills??? And ideas on how to help him potty train her better?? thanks for your input!

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Answer by jennifersuem
Men don’t have patience PERIOD!

Yelling & putting in her room is better than hitting her. Maybe that way it’s a time out for HIM?!?!?!

Potty training comes in the childs OWN TIME. You shouldn’t force it.

He needs to take some parenting classes/courses. Child & Family Services, Churches, Department of Human Services etc all have good ones to take.

Just talk with him. Point out some of the instances. Take your Niece to your house for a night or two. Give him a break with raising a child. Support him in every way you can.

Answer by organicbabiesandmommiestoo
It is hard being a single dad. I know because I am a single mom that is about to marry a single dad. My husband(in 50 days) has been a single dad to his daughter since she was 2 months old and she is 5 now. It isnt easy for a dad to be single dad. but it is even harder when the child is a girl because he doesnt always know how to relate to her. As she gets older it will only get harder. But also as she gets older he will get more used to it. When he first got her she was two and expected to get in to things but now she is starting to be old enough to understand. and while you may not agree with him sending her to her room so much. as much as i hate to say it. it is better for him to send her to her room so they can both cool off then it is for him to get more and more mad. as she gets older and they can communicate more it will get easier. i promise. we are just getting past that stage. and now that my husbands daughter is 5 she is starting to become easier to get along with. and less of a handful. as for the potty training. every one learns at different points. there is no easy answer for that one.

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