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Posted in Babysitting on 24th November 2010

How can I get with that girl in 2 hours?
Well today I got to “babysit” a girl thats the same age as me and my brother and his friend could go somewhere. He says that shes hot. I have not seen before. What are things to say or do to help get her. We’re both 15. We also alcohol. Best answer (s):

per child otaku
NO !!!

Answer Tony P
tell her she is looking bellesrépondre my question: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index; _ylt = AtXkGdtKbruhEPnOKG2TTTHty6IX;? _ylv qid = 3 = 20100707154149AAd99eS

Answer by 7up Giant can
Give him alcohol. Attendez.Réussi.

Answer by Alice Souza
Im assuming you mean by get with sex or something like that? “I do not really know, except use alcohol.She could argue that violée.Aussi you date a board (you do not take it): Know the first I do not think she let you sleep w / her when you’ve just met

<.. p> Answer by Yoti Masssk
YES! There are several ways to “convince” a woman as something that would benefit that would sleep with you. Get a book on NLP and hypnosis and daily practice. When I started, I practice on my wife’s uncles and I am quite a bit of oral sex while he was at work in the textile mill. More alcohol is good, but you want something insidious and goes down easy like ice tea vodka, or hunchpunch. so if you’re really desperate to adopt a sick horse and steal his drugs and give tranqulizer horse that will work as long as your horse is alive. RIP darling. but do not worry it’s going to give up one way or another, or you can just tell her you love her and you might have to hurt her family if she does not love you the same way .

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