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Posted in Working Mothers on 28th September 2013

How can I get someone?
There is someone I know who is a vegetarian and they are a great person and I want to save them from a meaningless life without meat. How should I go about converting them? PS The classic “for every animal you do not eat, I’m going to eat three” does not work for some reason Best Answer (s):.

Reply by Siren Song Sunshine
NichtSie have their reasons, and they are not hurting anyone (or any thing!)

answer because of an old book of doubtful authorship told me
I think you should enjoy yourself, and remember to convert the 3 animals.

response from doctor, do not miss
I do not eat meat either. Are you ready, six animals in each meal?

eat Reply BaxChrist …
leave people alone with their decisions … You want to be free, right?, Let them be.

Reply Tнє Eує σƒ Oмєη ™
lol try: “If you do not eat this steak, then I will eat your mother,” I can not believe so many people took it seriously .

Reply by Danny
Hide flesh eating there.

reply by Anthony h
Let them about it in peace. It is their choice and their body and they do not want to consume meat. This does not mean they have a meaningless life, they most likely a gesündere.Ich would probably shy away from the statement in the PS, though it did me lächeln.Es is not really so important? Keep your friendship, not about what the person consumed anyway. You will be fine.

Reply Geeb
Tell them that vegetables feel pain and then sit and cry every time they take a bite. As a truly horrible painful noises while they chew.

response of Mahayana want
Hopefully you will not have this in your 20s, 30s, 40s, 50s … as you probably experience health problems and aging, while the other person climbing a mountain or bike across France or sailing around the world (for the 3rd time). since when does not hurt animals a problem for meat eaters … You are a member of the Beef Counsel, those who tried to Oprah?

Reply paw4838
The green stuf that the subject will eat the pigs cows, goats rats sue bats etc.. be big and strong, so why try to change ur theme EAT THIS PERSON taste of what you are looking for YOU ONLY YOU CAN


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