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Posted in Working Mothers on 26th April 2011

How can I get my mother to stop asking about my life?
I know, “Shes just being a mother” but its so much worse then it sounds I giver her perfectly good answers and SHE WONT STOP WITH THE QUESTIONS

Ive never had a girlfriend and its driving me to near suicidal depression. My dad understands, but my mother is completely clueless, she always asks if there are any girls at my school, Or if ive meet any girls or if there are gonna be any girls where ever it is im going when I leave the house.

It drives me insane, I get so angry and just ignore her or change the subject as fast as possible,

And I can’t do ANY THING out of the ordinary around her, I tried to start working out and eating right and she kept asking me why I wanted to change all of a sudden (The real reason is to lose weight and raise my self esteem to help me with women) but I say its to get healthy, she gives me that bullshit “But Your perfectly healthy” I used to be 30lbs over weight. now I have a healthy BMI, Its at the point

where I actually work out in secret and eat right when shes not looking, which is hard beacuse she basically force feeds me 2nds on every meal and If Ive already eaten out with my friends she keeps bitching that I don’t eat. (I’m not anorexic, I eat plenty,just more healthy foods, but I can’t eat healthy in front of her without her talking about “Since when do you eat that”)

If I ever poor a glass of water shes like “We have soda” then I have to say no, then she asks “Why I thought you hated water”

I can never let her see me doing ANYTHING out of the ordinary, I started learning guitar, and I have to practice late at night beacuse if she hears me she always comes in with the “Why do you want to learn guitar” and I try to drink coffee(I hate it but Im sick of being out of the ordinary when a group from school goes to star bucks) and she wont stop “You don’t have to drink coffee”

Im embarrassed about my body (Even after losing weight I still have a bit of a gut) and I don’t want to go to the pool, and my mom berates me “But you love the pool Why don’t you go swimming blah blah blah”

its driving me insane, any help

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Answer by iyoob khan

Answer by Wise Guy!
She is your mother, she loves you as her child, she cares enough about you to let you know she cares in her own way.


You are unhappy with yourself and you are taking it out on her. You have to love yourself first.

Answer by American Avatar
Insane ? No…you sound like a momma’s boy.Make stuff up.Shock her nosy face clear into next week.Maybe that’ll shut her up.
Or you could get out of her house and live your own life for a change.

Answer by wayne c
Why do you have such a problem with your mom taking an interest in you? If she asks “since when do you eat that,” it’s a perfect opportunity to tell her that you’re eating healthy now. If she gives you trouble for that (can’t see how she would – she’s just curious about you), ask her to support you in your new healthy lifestyle. With the girl thing, let her know that it makes you uncomfortable when she asks you about it at every turn, and assure her that you will let her know if you meet someone. It’s normal to be driven insane by your mom at your age (which I assume is young), but if it bothers you so much, consider getting a job, moving out, and paying your own bills.

Answer by happy@50
I think she just wants what is best for you and doesn’t know how to tell you that. She sounds immature.

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