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Posted in Babysitting on 13th April 2013

How can I deal with the stress of being a young mother? ready
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reply by Tammy G
remember being a young mother, her stressful.

response from hetty
counseling, church, friends. maybe u could one day see in the month and go, for a movie with friends or have a night in the city. something like that. good luck!-Hetty ♥

response from HADITDUN

response from mindy s
you need a support system. It can be any. Family friends neighbors husband or boyfriend. Someone you can talk when things get bad. Other mothers are good to talk about stress as they have been through it all before

Answer by Steve H
If your baby is sleeping, try to spend a little time on yourself and you entspannen.Ob believe it or not, your baby will grow quickly and will look at how beautiful it was when he / she / they were small.

response from mizthang_keisha
I am also a young mother, I understand how it can sometimes be streesful especially when it may feel as if no one really understand what you are doing . Sometimes what helps me to relax just read a novel or writing in a journal. Overtime, it will feel good to know that you at some point. (That’s what you need).

response from TW
One day at a time. I had my first son 19, and it was quite diffcult, but over time it became easier, and you get in a groove. I would suggest trying some parenting classes, joining a young mothers group (check out Yahoo Groups, and a search for new mothers in your area) Trust me take all the help you can get, dont and a hero to all mothers a break.

response from margaret-hanson@sbcglobal.net
I was a mother at 17. Babies do not come with instructions and not stress-free. In my experience, I was in awe of something so small and sophisticated. My mother insticts kicked in and it was as if I knew exactly what to do, and what would the baby. As I look back, I do relize how much I learned from my baby. Enjoy your miracles and everything will fall into place.

response from sasyone
You did not say whether it’s a boyfriend or husband in this picture, I would hope it is, and it helps with the baby, and hopefully You have a supportive family, you can help through this difficult time.Praying also can work wonders, God usually do us more than we can be good luck to you and you will carry.The in my prayers.

response from menina0908
Ahhh sweety, take some time (if it is available) in order to amuse themselves. Play your favorite music and dance around your living room with your little one. Think of good things, which would make your life easier right now? Know that you can get through this and be stronger because of it. Be proud of yourself, because one way or another, deal with you and you and your little one will be the better for it.

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