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Posted in Child Support on 1st November 2010

How can I collect “child support” from a man who don’t work? What will the judge say about him not working?
Or am I stuck with me becoming a single mom..? I need answers from truthful people. People who know what to do or have known someone who have been through what I might be going through…Please be honest, respectful, and not silly…Thanks!

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Answer by mystic_eye_cda
It depends on local law, in some places men can be thrown in jail for failure to pay child support (even if they have no source of income) on the other hand that won’t necessarily get you any money. In other places assets such as cars can be impounded and possibly sold off.

The only way to know what can be done where you live is to talk to a local lawyer. Oftentimes there are organizations to help you access legal help in situations like this.

Answer by Dark S
you can’t get blood from a stone. you can garnish his wages if he has a job otherwise the only other thing you can do is put him in jail. you may need to get food stamps and state assistance.

Answer by Doodlestuff
Depends on the state. If you can prove that he is being paid under the table, then you have a source of income to be considered. If he is just living with some woman who is supporting him, you might be stuck. If he is married to that woman, some courts have assessed her income to pay child support, although I don’t think it’s very common.

You picked him, and unfortunately, it sounds like he’s a dead beat.

Answer by Wanna-be-Dear-Abby
Well a judge cannot make an unemployed man pay child-support. The only thing you can do is wait until he get’s one. From there the judge can impose a garish wages for back child support. For now, keep track and make copies of what he gives you for now.

Answer by Tiffany
It depends on the court house you are using…With the new laws in effect, the most that would happen is the father of the child would have his license suspended, he can be arrested for non payment and have to serve a minimum of 3-6 months, any all of his property or assets would be liquidated by the court and after the take their portion for fees, paperwork and process they would then send you the remaining portion…Check your local state and county laws…

Answer by lady bug
If he has failed to pay child support and is far enough behind… they will put him in jail. I know a man who was put in jail and put on work release until he paid off his debt. I am not sure I fully understand the question, because of where you said “am I stuck with me becoming a single mom?” If you are raising the child on your own, with or without financial support from him, then you are a single mom. Or does this man live with you?

Answer by Noah’s Mommy
Go ahead and file all of the papers, when your X gets a job, they will garnish his wages and eventually you will get back pay. Don’t delay, this process can take forever and you have to stay on top of it. When you know he’s working, call the child support office and give them a heads up (address,phone number, etc.).

Answer by luvmybuggins
Check with the laws in your state. Do you have a court order to receive child support? If not you need to take that step first. Tell them everything you know about him…where he lives, etc. In most states, they will require him to look for a job…and just because he doesn’t have a job, doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible. If he is not paying on a court order, he will need to be show caused. The court will set a date where he will need to provide a reason why he is not paying child support, which at that time they will enforce it.

Answer by tootsiebrownie
I’m going thru the same thing now. If you take him to child support they will make him get a job. If he doesn’t get something that suitable to support your child they will throw him in jail. But you need to make sure that you follow thru with it because if you don’t your just wasting your time. Child support is a long process but the good thing is that you get every penny back with back child support. so even if it takes 2 or 3 yrs you get 2 or 3 yrs of child support back.

Answer by Missy C
Well, I assume you have filled out all the proper paper work and everything. I don’t believe the judge can order him to work,but i know in MN if the person doesn’t pay child support their drivers license gets taken away and depending on how much is owed he may have to go to jail. If he ever does get a job they will start taking it out right away,or if he fills for taxes or anything they will not give him anything return all that money goes to paying for child support or back child support, even lotto winning,any money that he has to report to the government he will mostly like get nothing, it will all go to child support. I am not sure about different states,you’ll just have to ask. also if you have questions make sure you write them down before going to court, so you have all your questions answered

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