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Posted in Child Support on 27th June 2011

How can I avoid falling into the dark pits of “CHILD SUPPORT”?

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Answer by Cazly_420
No babies in the bum…

Answer by Sweet Pea
Don’t make babies with women you don’t plan to stay with or don’t make babies at all. If you do happen to have a child with a woman that you don’t stay with, step up and be a parent. Most women won’t bother to go through the courts if the father steps in and helps out on his own. My parents never needed the courts to step in after they divorced.

Answer by Smiley
Don`t have sex

Answer by Nonny0928
Don’t have kids.

Answer by mamamojo

Answer by Myth_Understood
Until you find The One, are married to her and totally ready to be A Parent, I have an idea that may be of some help:

Every time that you’re about to have sex … why not ask yourself “Do I want to make a baby and become a father right now, with this woman?”

If you started looking at sex as a baby-making opportunity, that might help, and if it does, then my work is done here.

😀 Best of luck, Stud

Answer by ms.native pride
Duh, by using a condom each and every time you have sex.

Answer by Bobby
if you have a kid,and your getting a divorce MAN THE F U C K UP! either get the kid or PAY THE G O D D A M N CHILD SUPPORT! dont be a lazy f u c k i n g bum its your responsibility to.

Answer by Cougar’s Girl
use a condom

Answer by Caffeine_Angel
Don’t get with a woman you don’t love and bang her without a condom.

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