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Posted in Child Support on 25th February 2011

How can a parent be so shallow and actually admit this to their child?
In high school I had a girlfriend who’s mother HATED me. She always said it was because of our age difference, two years. Well at one point we broke up and she dated a friend of mine the same age. Her mother loved him. When asked why she hated me and loved him when they were the same age she stated “Well his parents are rich and if you accidental get pregnant by him you will be well off in child support”

Seriously Seriously how awful is that. The mom had no idea we were still friends and she told me what her mother said

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Answer by Court2114
She’s a witch. Although, she was probably seeing this as her having good intentions…she’s just a major major witch.

Don’t take it personally…the world is full of them. At least you know that she didn’t rub off on her daughter. That awful cycle was put to a stop thankfully.

Answer by Chris
Some people are just shallow, that is a fact of life. I give her mom credit for being so candid.

Answer by Maybe I’m Amazed
I would say that the woman has issues that have nothing to do with you or your circumstances. Thank your lucky stars she isn’t your MIL. That poor girl…that’s her mother.

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Answer by Bernie
Suerly the girl could have made up her own mind and followed her heart. It’s a rare thing that a teenager would listen to their parent. It might have been said as a joke.

Answer by LindaLoo
Well surely you realize that becoming a parent doesn’t make your imperfections and shortcomings go away…. however sad this is – it’s all too common an attitude even though not too many would admit to it! And we wonder why children from such parents grow into the adults they do!!! ???

Answer by Eddie Cacciatore, Private Eye
Well, teen pregnancy is very tough on girls. It really changes their lives. Meanwhile, most teen fathers are not up to the task of being a dad. The mother was being practical, in my opinion.

Yeah, she didn’t know you. And it would be your duty to prove her wrong. My MIL hated me because I was a college guy. People are weird.

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