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Posted in Child Support on 2nd May 2012

How are they finding out if child support will be offset?
I have seen alot of questions that include details like “And the court (or whoever) said that I was supposed to get the offset”… or “I called child support office and they said I will get the back child support”.

Well, when I called the child support office to find out if they had put in an offset against HIS back support, I was told “We can’t give that information to YOU…if HE were to call then we can tell him”. So I was like, that’s nice, I guess I’ll just find out when it shows up in my account…or doesn’t…? I know that he already filed and he told me that he already got his fed back but not his state, so I’m still hoping to see some of it. But how are all of these other people on here calling and finding out for sure if they will get the money owed for their kids? Are some states or counties allowed to tell and others are not?
I agree that it seems insane…I came away from the call thinking that I had been treated like I was the bad guy. It’s Michigan Friend of the Court that wouldn’t tell. They said that it has something to do with giving out his “personal information” because it’s dealing with HIS taxes…but I say if you owe your kids support money then all bets are off! They should tell the custodial parent if they are going to get money to help feed their kids or not. It’s not just his case it’s mine as well.
Friend of the Court is the name of the child support agency in Michigan. The case has been opened since March of 08. I know the exact amount of the arrearages at all times, they just refused to tell me if the set up an interception on his refund, and for the life of me I can’t figure out why. The money is owed to our children that I have custody of, but they want to keep ME in the dark…I think they are protecting the “rights” of the wrong party…

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Answer by LADY Y
i call and ask about my case all the time.i can’t see why and how they can’t tell you about YOUR case.you should call them again and see if you can talk to a supervisor if nobody else will give you the info you’re requesting.THAT’S BULL CRAP!!!!!

i’m confused,you’re asking about YOUR CASE not just his case.i’m in TEXAS and they’re horrible at the child support agency but not to the point i can’t call to get the status and arrearages owed on MY case.

do you not have a case with your local child support agency or attorney general office?i have my case with texas child support enforcement agency,is friend of the court the same thing?i’m not familiar with them.

yeah,they usually will tell you if his refund will be offset or not,i know when i call and ask about my ex’s refund being offset they always tell me the answer,which i already be knowing but just want to be reassured anyway,i even called them at first to request that they flag his social security for tax offset since he owed me back child support,you just have to keep calling until you get the right answer and right person to help you,because i demand answers and i know my rights and i’m not playing with them at all.

good luck and most likely your kids will get what they deserve,hopefully anyway.

let me share this with you right fast how if you never give up eventually you’ll get some action from the child support agency.

my spouse has a child from a previous relationship and she had him on child support (not a problem)back in louisiana he was paying off and on never went too long without paying (he was trying to do the best he could)we weren’t married then though.after hurricane katrina we moved to dallas and she moved to houston and opened a case in texas and kept the case in louisiana open also and told the people in texas he was in arrearage of 12,000 dollars and he hadn’t paid in 4 straight years(not true)they took her word and put that he owed that much back support plus louisiana was still having his arrearages go up.

so in 2006 my husband started working and texas started garnishing his wages and when he filed taxes texas and louisiana took it for one child and we kept trying to tell texas that they suppose get his case from louisiana and transfer it and we kept asking louisiana to contact texas and tell them to fix the case over and over but nobody would listen they was taking everything my husband had and he really didn’t owe what they said he did.

so i said well i’ll just send them a e-mail through their website(louisiana) this was october 2008 and his worker finally called me in december or january this year and finally the case has been fixed my husband owes nothing to texas or louisiana but they did take his refund this year because the case just got fixed on 02/23/2009 and his refund was taken before that but they will be sending it back.

we tried several other thing to get that fixed but i left it out.now if i would have given up after being told they can’t do anything my husband would still be getting messed over by his ex and the child support system.i couldn’t just stand back and let a good man who tries to do the right thing get messed over like that,he don’t mind paying and he’s not greedy behind money at all he don’t really care about money at all as long as me and his kids are happy he’s happy,so i knew something had to be done to right that wrong.

sorry for the long story i just had to share my story about not giving up,especially if you know you’re right.

Answer by mac122868
my sister was in the same boat as you. They wouldn’t tell her if his tax refund would be intercepted, however, they did tell her that he had to be over $ 1000 in arrears before they would issue an offset request to the IRS, and they also told her that his state tax would not get offset even if the federal was. Also, when she finally did get his offset ( as he was over the 1000) it was the end of Nov. So if your ex has already gotten his fed for 2008 (in 2009) chances are you will not be getting it this yr. good luck.

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