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Posted in Working Mothers on 17th December 2011

How about this one?
A man entered a train carrying 5 babies…….. A lady in the same compartment gets curious and asks him “Are they all yours, where is their mother?”. The man replies “Not mine, I work in a Condom factory and these are customer complaints!!”

Best answer(s):

Answer by little missy
hahahha lol

Answer by Dondon
It’s OK…………

Answer by looking4answer
lol..good not bad..cheers^^

Answer by Nisha

Answer by iamigloo
lol… do they get the money back? hehe

Answer by ras1959
If only you could really do that. Can you imagine??

Answer by Pd
Oldiee but funniieee, Ha Ha – rated 9/10

Answer by time-OUT

Answer by Spooky
Ha ha ha …Really!

Answer by ♥Ďā βěĀŕŞ♥
lol i likey lol thanks for the laugh ♥

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