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Posted in Child Care on 9th November 2011

Help!!Child is failing all core classes in school?
I need some advice. I have a 13yo stepdaughter who is currently failing all of her core classes in school (Math, English, Social Studies, and Science). We have been grounding her every weekend when she is at our house and we even took her cell phone away and nothing seems to be helping. We get no help from her mother and her mother will actually make up lies to try and cover for her. She tells us she is up studying with her every night for tests and my feeling is that if she was doing that much studying she would not have an “F” for her grades. The teachers are getting fed up with her “no care” attitude, as are her Dad and I. Her dad says we should just let her fail the 7th grade and repeat it next year. I on the other hand think it is going to hurt her self esteem and I think we should keep pushing. I try to say encouraging words to her like we know you can do so much better with these grades and I try to give her studying tips. I feel like I am fighting a losing battle here.
Let me add she is in special needs classes so everything is geared for her needs. She does goof off in some of her classes, doesn’t turn in homework when she needs to, and despite what her mother says, probably doesn’t do much studying tests. Her mother blames it on her disability. I think she is just not trying.

Also, her dad and I have been together since she’s been three, so there is no dramatic change other than puberity that she would be going through right now.

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Answer by D.R cocksause
get him a tutar

Answer by Larry
Take her for a visit to a women’s prison. Show her where many “no care” children end up and let them testify to that fact. Ok, maybe that’s drastic, but perhaps you could do something along those lines. You aren’t going to convince this child otherwise unless you redefine where she sees herself in 10 years.

Answer by geneva h
my brother is the exact same way. we get no help from our mother. i agree with the let her fail 7th grade its a real eye opener for her by letting her see all her friends taht are graduating ahead of her because they actually worked and she didnt.

Answer by Heather
As a 9th grade English teacher, I see this pattern all the time in my own students, and get e-mails and calls from parents like you, as well. At this point, you and her dad should sit down with her and, in a respectful manner, let her know realistically what is going to happen if she continues down this path. Talk to her about her future, how it’s not so very far away. Tell her how all her friends will be going on to 8th grade and then high school and she will not. Stress her strengths, and show her how she can make up for her weaknesses. If this doesn’t work, you may need to stage an intervention meeting with her teachers, you and her dad, and a guidance counselor. Good luck!

Answer by october_daze
Contact the school. set up an appointment to visit with all the teachers (hopefully 1 appointment) find out if your stepdaughter has behavioral problems in class or what does the teacher think might be the problem. Also you’ll need to find out if its already to late for her to really be trying. She may not pass even if her grades improve. But help her the best you can.

also does she wear glasses? does she need her eyes checked? is she comprehending or maybe she needs developmental classes? good luck.

Answer by Jessica
You should go out and find an activity or something that she has never done before and then say you know if you dont do this or this then you cant continue having fun…My brother is like this and it stressed out my parents he really doesnt care, but he loves his four wheeler…He has failed. You know it does get to him though. Maybe you should let her fail and she will realize that she was mistake and she will not be with her friends. For kids its hard because if you fail they dont really have anything to do with you. All you can do is keep pushing and trying to find a way. Its going to be harder because of her mom. She needs to help also. With her being able to do what she wants there she knows she will get it one way or another..Good luck with your problem! I hope it gets better

Answer by An0nym0us mAn1Ac
You need to speak with her teachers. Find out what the problem is. Maybe she has a learning disability that has gone undiagnosed.
Ultimately she is the one that will have to make up her mind about school. Perhaps even attending a different school or home schooling might make a difference.

Answer by Sherry B
Get her a tutor. Her school district probably has ones that will do it for free. Classic example of what happens to kids when their parents split up. It’s sad. And now her mom, out of guilt (most likely) is making excuses for the kid. She needs to stop that NOW.
My mom is engaged to a man with a 16 YO daughter who started out just like your stepdaughter in 7th grade also. Well, the problem only got worse and she is now in a facility for teens with anger and social problems and at a cost of $ 11,000 per MONTH. Don’t let this happen.
Get her a tutor and counseling now. Best of luck.

Answer by notyou311
Is the child depressed? Depression can cause a shut down of all areas of interest. It becomes too difficult to function. Ask her Dr. to check her out including her vision and hearing. She should be checked for dyslexia also. Has she been doing well in the past? If not, she may be slow and in need of special classes.

Answer by Shannon
Set up an appointment with a psychologist as well as someone who can test her for advanced classes. 1) She could be feeling depressed and dropped everything that she cares about and school. Take a good look at her and see if she has done a complete 180 over the past few months. 2) She could be really bored with her schoolwork, so she just drops it completely. It is actually common among children who feel the work is boring.

If those don’t help the problem, make her see a tutor every weekend. Grounding won’t help because it will not force her to do work.

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