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Posted in Working Mothers on 17th February 2011

HELP! URGENT comebacks!?
I have been wondering if anyone can offer me some really good comebacks for ANY negative comments. “Your mother” has been working really well, but its getting old… For instance if someone calls you slow, or retarted, or mocks you, or imitates something you say or do. PLEASE try to make them witty and funny. Also, do NOT tell me to ignore them, because this is JUST a friendly competition with a FRIEND. Also, no “I know you are but what am i?” Nothing played out. Be as ORIGINAL AND FUNNY AND CREATIVE AS POSSIBLE.

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Answer by Lars
I’m fond of “douche nozzle”.

Answer by miss london
If someone gets involved in your conversation say “this is a conversation between a and b so c yourself out of it” – makes me laugh every time. If someone asks what you looking at? reply “i don’t know s*hit ain’t labelled”. Or if your stuck when someone says something shout really load aawww your breath stinks!

Answer by khronickid
can i do this .. repost?
sorry if i cant but i thot it was applicaable

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the comeback depends on the context of the initial slam (remark).

1: first decide if u want just your front teeth punched out or a full-out asswhippin…

2: next , consider the intelligence of your opponent. Dont waste good ones on the redneck bullies…they’ll never get it despire how much time you give them…
3: consider the audience…. you wanna walk away unscathed AND brilliant … and its the audience that determines the weight of your comeback.
4: be prepared for a physical comeback to your comeback cuz youre BOUND to push the limits with the wrong guys at least twice. LEARN FROM IT.
5. game rules are always one on one…. if theres more than one balking at ya…. pick off the weakest first… then go after their leader.. but only if he’s involved…. and never draw anyone else into the comeback if theyre not involved….
6. break part thier comeback into idea sections… meaning analyze their remark aand look for obvious flaws in truth, intelligence, or humor. Point out their flaws with yer comeback.
6a. STOP using ( your momma ) its is so old that … omg…icant believe im even having this conversation….
lets just say only 6year olds use it now.

7. you are less likley to get sh*tkicked if your comeback has some humour to it… consider watching the comedy network for a few good oneliners…. your sense of “wit” should develope from that ( if u have any)….(insert laff here)

8. get thru the first eight… and we’ll talk more….

have fun and carry bandaids.

Answer by DinoLuv
Go suck a dick.

them: “You’re a retard”
you: That’s not what your mother said last night

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