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Posted in Toddlers on 15th December 2010

Help!! My toddler will not eat! need suggestions?
I know many parents say “my kid won’t eat”..but seriously my 2 year old will not eat..He completely bypassed the baby food stage..now he will go days without eating any solid food..An example of his daily menu is : AM: refuses any solid foods..Lunch: may get 4-5 spoonfuls of mac and cheese, and 3 bites of chicken nuggets. Supper: usually refuses..He cries all night and wants milk (we only give a glass, in hopes he will eat in the morning)..His poop is bright green most of the time..my doctor just says “he is a typical picky toddler”..but is this normal?? I’m really worried.

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Answer by Maria Shonee A
yeps, that is normal. my cousin by that age do not eat. he is so picky.
you can try though:

make him choose his preferences but the choices will be between two nutritious foods.
serve colorful appetizing foods.
make eating fun.
if your child wants to eat before meal time let him. if he wants snack, give him.
involving your child in the cooking process will help, so is when you go buy foods.
it with your child or let your child eat with his own age, this will encourage him.
toddlers really become anorexic.

Answer by nature mama
Maybe try to hide something healthy in the mac n cheese or chik. Like put some protein powder in them, or puree some veggies. Use whole wheat pasta for the mac n cheese (or rice pasta or another type). That’s all I can think of. Also, put liquid multivitamins in her milk or food too.

And maybe put some of the baby rice cereal in his milk too, just to get some bulk in him..

Answer by Katie
go to the doctor my son has that and turned out that he was REally really sick if that next stage is thowing up you really need to bring him in!

Answer by KJ’s&BJ’smommy (expectin
does he like milk shakes? my son is going through the i dont want to eat anything stage so we started giving him fruit smoothies or milk shakes with protein powder. It was ok, but dont worry too much its common for toddlers to go days without eating, they will row out of it.

Answer by Karen M
As you have already heard yes this is normal. I have gone through this with my 2 yr old twins. As long as he’s drinking and not dehydrating he’s fine. I went through the summer of wanting and not wanting to eat. My twins today are 2’9 & 2’11/ 28lbs & 30lbs

If your that concerned make an appointment with your doctor and if he’s concerned he’ll know what to do to help your little one eat. But, like I said aas long as he’s not refusing the milk your good.

Answer by tifquestions
Totally normal try always having some type of food around, usually without realizing he will pick it up and eat it or out of no where give him a grape or a chicken nugget or something.

Answer by Liam’s Mommy
yup the girl i nanny for didnt eat breakfast or dinner, im lucky if she will eat three or four bites of food a day, she drinks a ton of liquids, I got desperate and give her the liquids, about a month ago she started eating again. so it will pass sooner or later, it will pass. but give him milk if he wants it, at least he is getting something. also have lots of small healthy snack available for him to eat whenever he wants it

Answer by Zoemama
I have a 22 month old that has always been a picky eater and what I have recently done (and she has gained 2 pounds in 3 months) is I switched her to a big kid gummy vitamin, she loves juice so I give her Naked brand green juice which is natural and is packed with only fruits and vegetables, and I began using KingBio’s Children’s Appetite Enhancer which can be found at apple crate. With a combination of these things she begs me to eat when I use to have to beg her to eat. I hope this can help you.

Answer by Laura L
my daughter is the same she is 4 now and she still goes days without eating a thing she drink a lot of milk not as much now her latest is meat pie every night she has to have it . She does not eat her lunch at school her lunch box comes back still full. i have took her to our doctor and they have said that as long she is putting weight on then it is fine so don’t worry about it

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