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Posted in Babysitting on 17th November 2012

help is very necessary.?
the freshman and my big brother, he is a junior. it is for this girl, i can not stand, which is in its class! kyle (my bro) treats me like the 5usually and i dont it. were very close. but today when he “babysitter,” she tried to treat me like I was 5, and it made me really mad. I do not know if I say something or deal with her? I like the idea of ​​him a cool friend, I mean, in the only girl in my family would be so nice to other girls in the house, but tonight really upset me so i some help on what to do .. shes still here, “babysitter” with him, I can say something or let it go just because it makes them happy, and if I say something he might angrily Best Answer (s):

response of Dena
simply to silence her and tell her what is bothering you. Do not start a fight.

say response from FallenX
Id, your brother to 1 Tell him how you feel about them as clearly as possible and try not to ask a lot of changes on their part, just ask your brother to say to her, please treat another way, while you have two two mutually a little better after that happens i will not put any sense.

response from Canadiangirl you
should not confront them, but next time, if they treated you like 5, just say, I can do it, or I am ok, or if I take care, I’m just a statement that an adult would say … and simply do not act cute … or trying to get attention ….

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