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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st March 2011

HELP asap Comebacks!?
I have been wondering if anyone can offer me some really good comebacks for ANY negative comments. “Your mother” has been working really well, but its getting old… For instance if someone calls you slow, or retarted, or mocks you, or imitates something you say or do. PLEASE try to make them witty and funny. Thanks
As much as i enjoy the noble, “Dont stoop to their level” advice, i must say THIS is a FRIENDLY competition with a certain someone. Please, all i want is GOOD WITTY comebacks for almost ANY occasion.

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Answer by teresathegreat
Don’t stoop to their level or play their stupid game. Be better than that. Just act bored or slightly amused by their attempts – not angry or upset. Your reaction is the only thing that gives their teasing any power, so don’t give it to them.

Answer by Be Mine
Say, “You a hurt a** b****!!!!! You dumb a** Mother F***ER!!!!! Why don’t you SHUT THE F*** UP You STUPID H*!!!!!!!!!!!
Yeah, it’s fun to cus!!!!!
LOL!!!!!!!!!! 😀

Answer by PJJ
Old girl. Old cheese, creeking bones,Wrinkles,hip replacement in the future to happen, Old fart, old bag.

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