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Posted in Child Care on 31st October 2010

question of khamm12001 . “Health Care” The Lost People ?
I voted for Obama, and I think he will do his best. (He came into our worst). And I really feel he is the best for us alle.Aber with health care issue.What about the people who have health insurance before? The men and women does have a job? No income? No child or someone? IWe a new look to who will receive an insurance card by the government.I have a child, have (adult male, 22 years old). He cannot find a job, so he is doing drugs or drink.And he go to the doctor sometimes (a lot). But he used to go because he is not the mother of an adult merh child.I pay.And’m always worried about him.Just seems like it should help to have the “lost people.” I know there is a of people in poor situations.I would like to them.And I think listen to our new president, “Will and try something better.” Best Answer:

answer by Lena A
Seems like the solution would be for your son’s problem to get a job. I would not count on Obama “so that everything is better.” His only solution is more government and socialism. Someone has to pay for it. I doubt it’s the “lost people”, when they find themselves, and soon.

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