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Posted in Babysitting on 2nd January 2014

you already have experience with an underweight baby?
my cousins ​​are underweight 8 weeks old. I do not know the exact statistics, but it does not do much bigger than when she was newborn. she has acid reflux and can not hold their formula. it is regularly go to the doctor and has an appointment with a specialist this week. I am concerned because her mother smoked during pregnancy and she is very unaffectionate to the baby. it seems like she hardly takes care of the baby, because other members of the family are there to help always. I’m worried about the baby a lot. they put cereal in their bottles and even give her applesauce and have been since she was like 3 weeks old. I was taught to do that, because it is less nutritious than formula. can anyone ease my mind about this or maybe tell me something I can say or do to seemingly without my help? I really want to see this baby something to gewinnen.Update weight … she has gained 2 ounces since she was born Best Answer (s):.

Betsy response
These things will not help waeight their profit. You actually have less calories than teh formula by itself.

Reply ms_sexy_thang05
I have seen this in the child of my friend. She was 28 months and the size of a 16 months old. She was diagnosed with infantile anorexia.

Answer by Kelly
unfortunately smoking probably did not help this baby. it’s a good thing that there are other people in the baby’s life, to help it if the mother is not going to create for them. all you can do is to help the mother, as much as possible so that baby a good life. Happiness.

Reply mom2babycolin
This sounds like a classic failure to thrive. I would call CPS if I were you, and have them initiate an investigation, to hear especially that they feed the baby solids when there is already a reflux Problem.Viele parents mistakenly believe that adding cereal to a bottle is it “sit” better on the stomach. This is not true and can actually of the newborn’s delicate digestive tract schädigen.Das baby needs a gentle formula. Sometimes they are available on prescription. The mother also needs help as it sounds like she is experiencing postpartum depression. Your emotional distance the baby will cause the ability to grow. The other family members are not right for the child and thus provides authorities they should teach you how should werden.Vielleicht brought for child care continuing mark on the next appointment and let you know that they are feeding cereal and apple sauce to the doctor? This is likely to contribute to the vomiting and thus lack of weight gain.

Reply cherisebeck not give their 8 week old apple sauce .. the mother But the cereal in the bottle is fine, only when the doc OKed. my twins ped OKed it for her reflux and it helps. Yes, my twins were underweight and that too much with the reflex can not be helped. You should the baby in the doc and see if he recommends the baby 22 cal formula instead of 20 But to be quite honest, I think you where you should not be butting. No mother should not give your baby apple sauce .. but to each his own. Do not know how much the baby weighs .. why you want to unnecessary stress for a mother, cause that is already stressed. Babies grow .. but you do not see the changes because you are around a lot. I would not have to worry, and I would also be my nose in where it does not belong

Reply jennsuzy
What you describe sounds worrying. I would go with your gut feeling about the situation. But since she’s your cousin, maybe you can do a little more research and see if there is something really going on, or if other people are also concerned, and if you all can work together to do something to the mother and baby out help. Best of luck!

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