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Posted in Toddlers on 21st December 2010

Have you ever herd of someone doing this?
Most people freak out when i tell the story of my dog and its understandable i would be the same way, but since some havent gone through what i had to go through then i guess they wouldnt get it. My chihuahua was a C-section when his mother woke up she never had the feeling to feed him or care for him, she actually tried to kill him a couple times. So the owner called me and told me to come take him, he was 9 hours old. So i bottle fed him every two hours for his first 4 weeks of life, he went to work with me since i work with my family, so he was always being watched. He was potty trained by 6 weeks old, he got his shots on time every time. He is on the highest quality food. Now that he is a “toddler” lol. I miss that time, so i was wondering if you have herd of people caring for other people’s litters when the mother is either deead, or like my dog just didnt relize she had puppies. Really i wouldnt want any charge, just as long as they pay for the things i would need.
Like their shots, food all that. I would love to do it plus i get all dog things at warehouse price since my family owns a dog shop. The pups would be on the highest grade, if i got them early enough the dew claws would be removed since its good for them later since they can curl over.

Im obviously really good at this, my vet delivered my pup and gave him a 15% chance he would live since he wasnt eating and any food he got he threw up through his nose.
My dog’s breeder i do not think was not responsible, he dog went into heat before she relized it. The breeder was a 70 year old woman with MANY health problems she was not planning on breeding, and when she found out her dog was pregnant she thought he dog could care for the pup.

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Answer by TUV4K
no thats really weird

Answer by yukidomari
You should volunteer at a shelter! Lots of pups come in needing care.

And just as a comment, but your breeder was real responsible… *sarcasm*. If a person doesn’t have time to take care of outstanding circumstances like this, s/he should not be breeding, ever.

PS. She’s irresponsible. Don’t wait till you dog gets pregnant to deal with it, get her spayed before hand. Plus, when breeding dogs you can never depend upon the mother 100% to do everything she should. There’s too many things that can happen.

Answer by texelgirl2
well you did a good job. Actually most Humane Societies need foster homes that are willing to take on the rigors of bottle raising orphaned puppies and kitties. Generally they supply everything and then you do all the work and sleepless nights. I did it most of my career. I mostly do wildlife now but on occasion will take a few pups or kittens. Though I never would take a WHOLE litter. I would only do maximum 2 babies. They require too much care and commitment to have more than that.

Answer by just an opinion
I’ve never heard of it being done as a profession, but if your skills are as good as you say, then you should try to volunteer or work at a local animal shelter or rescue center. They are usually looking for foster homes, and it sounds like you’d love to be a foster parent for little ones!

Answer by bad kitty
Contact your local humane society. They often will provide what you need if you show you are qualified to care for orphaned puppies. You will need to return the pup to them once it is old enough to be adopted.

As for the breeder you got the pup from, i hope they are no longer breeding. It was not your responsibility to do this. They should have taken it on. They should have sat next to mom and made her nurse and not harm the pups every couple of hours so the pups could have the best chance at life. I hope you understand they were not good owners.

Also your pup is lucky to have you and good job to you also.

Answer by science chick
YOu dogs owner is not responsible if they allowed a pet to come into this world if they may not be able to care for it. it is not unusual for this to happen, and responsilb ebreeders only breed if they have the time. I hope they spayed the animal and spays their pets from now on, or at least until they have time to do it right.

I am sure that there would be lots of places looking to foster young pups- many get abandoned and there are few people with the time to care for them. Talk to local shelters. Good job with the puppy and ood luck with it in the future.

Answer by cassyshane2005
Check with a shelter, or any rescue group in your area. Sign up to be a foster mom for bottle duty. I have hand raised several litters of pups, and 5 litters of kittens.It’s not a job that everyone has time for, so at least around here, they are short handed in that area.The hardest thing for me was letting them go after raising them! Good Luck!

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