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Posted in Babysitting on 15th December 2012

you have the funniest personal history?
I want to hear stories from your life or the lives of those you know and I want to laugh. Are you ready for the challenge of your memory a hearty-haha or lacklusterlaugh best answer to the best story Best Answer (s):?

response from whisperofsmoke36
well heres a funny story about her husband … He did watchtower guards in Iraq one night and kept feeling someone was watching him. He hears somethin and automatically rotated weapons of …………. heres the kicker …………. he shot a grasshopper! Lmooooooooooo

response of Undead Princess
Okay, I went to a big awards dinner one night, I would have been about 20 then. Anyway, it was mostly young people sitting at the table, but several were married, and there were a few in the 60s, which I sat on one side of the woman, her husband was on the other side of her. I knew no one except my date, but the rest were familiar miteinander.Jedes setting had a beautiful carnation in a tiny vase. Someone on the other end of the table, plucked out her flower and gave it to the next person whispers something in her ear. This person took the flower and added their own and said something to the next person who did the same, and so on. Finally, the person is next to me, was my day, which is now a beautiful bouquet of flowers, and what instructions were passed. He gave me the flowers and said, “. Pass this on Arnold tell him to give it to his wife for her birthday” I have my own flower to the pile and gave it to the woman next to me and said, “Pass this to Arnold, tell him to give it to his wife for her birthday.”. And I pushed the flowers in the Hand.Jeder standing at the table and stared. The woman, grinning broadly, gave the flowers to her husband, who immediately gave it back to her and said, “Happy birthday darling!” The whole table broke into hysterics, myself included. I really have a good chuckle, even if it was at his own expense.

response from b_friskey
My severely disabled daughter was little at the time, and we had a black lab dog had absolutely this little girl is adopted and watch it on their mission, they . I came to “babysit” to trust this dog if I had for dinner or what to cook ever. Anyway, one day I was very busy and checked on my daughter and her dog and saw her …… under the dining table to play tug-o-war with a pink sock, ok, they were fine A few minutes later, I from the dog to hear whining noises, so I looked back under the table, and it was not a pink sock they were playing tug-o-war, was the dog’s tongue, my daughter was on train …. … OMG, what a good Hund.P.S. When my daughter died at the age of 15, that old dog eat completely stopped, refused to increase my daughter to bed and he died a month later.

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