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Posted in Child Care on 22nd November 2010

question from Amy M : Has anyone ever had a sister, take custody of their children and had problems with it ?
DSS got involved and took it as “foster parents” to my child back into our family and then decided to keep him. They had (have) a lot more money than me, so it was a tough fight, who would not go my way. It is very difficult situation that he does not know anything about themselves. I had to struggle with a lot of depression and still do, so I do not understand other people that well. Always want to for that person to blame and DSS causes so many problems for the people that she can not look around with their lives. Then they go to the next child and it is a system to make money to take money from desperate parents and do not help in any way to really families. Guardian program is a joke in some aspects. Now, let me know if anyone has similar situation. Thank you! Well, I have never used this site for a question like this, so I think I’m doing it the right way to answer .. I can not say my life is in perfect order. It’s hard to have it so when your children with you. Now the problem is, however, that the sister who divorced him and has to get married again, and I can not decide whether I can go. I know she has the money to take care of him, but it’s the other things that concerned with being a good parent, that I care and with. I love my children and I have not “control” easy. So I realize that I liked (or empathy) from other parents who have been burned, and I have compassion for them and children. It is hard, but I know there are a lot of these things in the world … Best Answer:

reply Sheltie Lover Is
. your life in order and if not …………. You are here realistic? Is your sister at home is the best choice for your son at this moment? If the answer to the last question is yes then it would be best for you to your son in the place that is best for him to verlassen.Es is not about “your rights” as a parent. It’s about your son the right to a stable home in.Tun to live, what is right for him!.

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