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Posted in Working Mothers on 3rd December 2010

Grants: Encouraging Single Working Mothers

For many single moms the mentioning of the Obama grant may not be fully understood however it is being given emphasis by the government under the popular Obama administration in support of working mother’s returning to college. While federal programs such as ones assisting working mothers in attending college have been brought to the fore they are merely existing government benefits that have been reworked. The Pell grants a huge asset is making many potential student moms pay attention like never before. One of long term and common forms of financial aid which can be obtained through the government particularly for college is known as the Federal Pell grant. One has to agree that a huge benefit of the Pell grant is the lack of repayment normally required for student loans making it an attractive benefit. If you do not have a professional degree or a bachelor’s but wish to attain an undergraduate degree you have a good chance of being awarded the Pell grant. As a single working mother such advantages is creating a huge stir when it comes to the exciting Scholarship for Moms program. The Pell grant is being used by President Obama and his administration to encourage mothers to make use of the funds in attending college although no specific program exists by that name. In addition to being a monetary gift rather than a loan, Pell grants don’t place restrictions on other sources of financial aid that you can receive. Financial aid can be applied and obtained through both federal programs and n on-federal private institutions in order to cover education costs. The award year will take place from the 1st of July 2009 to the 30th June 2010 with the maximum amount to be given through the Pell grant of ,350.00. Although it is unlikely to cover all your college needs you can as mentioned supplement through other resources. With so many benefits it’s of no surprise that the federal Pell grant does not limit you once you are awarded funds to the payment of tuition. Books, laptops, housing and travel expenses are acceptable costs when it comes to paying for education. The Pell grant program and its benefits have been showcased since attention to education has been highlighted through the Obama administration making the scholarships for moms’ a must. To become a student and earn a degree as a single, working mother such a federal program fills all the specifics. Thankfully many are beginning to realize that family obligations or financial needs does not mean that college is no longer an option. It is encouraging to see how the Obama grant obtained through the federal Pell grant program has benefited many to go to college. For all working mothers this is a definite plus. Returning to college and obtaining a degree is certainly the encouragement being given by the current administration to all single mothers working a permanent job. The current administration is heartily cheering for single, full-time working mothers to apply for college and earn adegree. Your future dreams can come true.

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