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Posted in Working Mothers on 31st October 2010

question of draecoiram : good mothering “sisterhood” and a “make-love-not-war” attitude is the key to peaceful equality of the sexes
This concept came to me while watching a program about the “last great ape – the bonobo. It contrasts with the behavior of bonobos and chimpanzees – both share with the people over 98% of our DNA.Bonobos are peaceful and matriarchal mild, there are mothers for their children all their lives, and they have sex all the time, females stick together against men who abuse them try. Chimpanzees are violent, strong patriarchal males often kill each other, beat women who commit infanticide – they have to compete with colleagues. Women care for themselves and are often “loners” and are easy targets for male Angriffe.es occurred to me that we learn from the bonobos. when women were holding together more, rather than compete against each other and they work would prevent women from overwhelmed. and if sex would be less restricted, this would possibly prevent turbulence. and motherhood is also an important element – our children are educated to respect each other, regardless of Geschlecht.was some thoughts about it here is a link about bonobos if interested: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/bonobos? / women could join together and demand an end to pornography and the threat of rape, demand that they get respect (what feminism has attempted to do). The bonobos are literally together, if a man or a group of men began one of them threatening (or their children), and although the females are individually weaker than the male, together they are stronger and the male at the end of his “violent” agree (to them) AusbruchSufi-i point, but I suggest that women work at least – in the situation you describe the way that together hold women to be friends, if you were friends with a woman who they would rather be told it is the abuse (so you would know) and you could help her (by calling the police). you would want to be together, just not wörtlich.Ich had a friend and neighbor, I of abuse in my past relationship (not terribly difficult), one night, when it occurs heard them, and they came to me and learned to help . Would you like a child molester can easily back down when faced with only two women together sein.nicht surprised to forget the help and encouragement to women to give each other come from such situations Best Answer.

Reply by Deirdre O
Excellent analogy and good points, thank you for sharing this insight. If women can connect with each other it would be great social change and much more equality for all. But the patriarchal values that compel widespread in our society women against each other, not mentioned to assess themselves and others all the time. Women are forced to leave their food intake, sex, appearance, etc. It control actions are controlled by the pornography humiliated and demoralized them in control and the threat of rape and violence and women and keeps on guard in “their place”. Feminism is the only way the values of society so that women and men are estimated to change. Minorities, the elderly, the disabled and all other marginalized groups have equal power. Feminist was to rid the world of all isms.

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