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Posted in Toddlers on 2nd April 2013

only girls: the steps on foot of children
when a baby is born until he or she can walk, he or she should spend some steps. Please call as a toddling stage Best Answer (s):

response from Lisa M
I do not know

response from AussieMum
What are you talking about? ????

response from Spirit
Every baby to crawl when anders.Babys begin, if they work out, they begin to pull it up with furniture and so on, eventually they begin to stand and move a little. You can find them tend to send most of the time fall on their bottoms! Once the baby had developed balance, they can start to put one leg in front of the others go (on foot) some children begin 11 months from.

reply by Tanya C
first 6 months I guess they cry and has to be collected, known as babies. They start to become mobile, where they learn to roll and crawl, crawl start. Naked to begin a stand they have mastered them crawl longer and then they will take their first steps. Some learn in a day on foot (like my second did) others take a few months before they will be more confident (as did my first and third). This is when they were toddlers, and will for some time, probably 3 to the age of Then I guess they preschoolers to 5 years, and to her, in Australia, in the first year of school, they are known as preps or preppies. Well, I hope this helps, really do not understand your question otherwise I’m sorry. Otherwise, if you are referring diapers maybe, you’d start with “newborn”, “child”, “crawlers”, “kid”, “Walker” and baby kg to over “x” amount. Well then have fun, hope this helps

response from cathrl69
The stages are not the same for all children -. Some never crawl. And toddling just another word for Wandern.Aber the steps are exactly the same for both boys and girls.

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