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Posted in Working Mothers on 9th March 2011

Generous Scholarships For Mothers – To Assist To Pay For College

Article by Olivia Harris

The word scholarship gives immense jubilation as it involves a ray of hope to fulfill the desires of the higher education or education left in between due to various circumstances by single moms or working mothers.

Discussing each point further in detail, it will be evident that scholarship for mothers is an important measure which if brought into practice and seriously implemented will have fruitful long term effects on the society. Women education is of utmost importance at every stage. Generally speaking girls or women are more serious and interested in their studies but due to many reasons, they have to either leave their studies in between or have to suspend their studies due to lack of finances.

The government and the private sector must come forward with attractive scholarship schemes for single mothers and working mothers. Mother plays a pivotal role in the upbringing of children, not only physically but mentally also.

An educated mother can do wonders in the family, but many a times after marriage her education is side stepped and she has to shoulder other responsibilities of the house and family. Many feel spending money on mother education is a waste. But in fact education of mother and the money spend on it is an investment which shows results in the long run in the form of educated children and literate society.

Educated mothers’ can add to the finances of the house by getting into different professions and jobs. The government has several schemes for different sections of the society. They must introduce attractive scholarships for the mother and establish channels for its practical implementation. Educated mothers enrich the society at large by contributing immensely in the development of their individual families.

Not only government but other non government organizations should conduct surveys to find out cases of studies left in between by women due to various reasons. They must be counseled and motivated by and through the concerned authorities and attractive scholarships, which will not only give financial assistance but also fulfill the unrealized dreams of a mother. When a mothers’ dream turn into reality, she becomes a strong woman in all the aspects be it mentally or financially. She will be instrumental in helping the future generation to achieve their goals in life.

Just visualize the beauty of a 100% educated society; if mothers’ are supported by wonderful scholarships which would enhance their personality and at the same time would improve the society as a whole.

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