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Posted in Babysitting on 31st October 2010

question of ¡uʍop ǝpısdn : Starting a baby-sitting “job” from my home … References problem … what to do ?
I will try this as best I can, I will explain my question (s) request. Thanks in advance. 🙂 My long time friend and I are moving into a new apartment in a few weeks and I plan on setting up a babysitting “business” from our home. (I said “business” because I’m not sure that there are more than two children each time schedule). My plan is to keep some (possibly two) children’s hospital from early morning until the afternoon from Monday to Friday. I have babysat many, many children in my teenage years (I’m 18 now) and I have many great experiences – nothing tragic happened and no one was injured. 🙂 I know that new parents articles, but here’s the problem: get about a year ago I suddenly left my parents (emotional abuse we do not 24/7-but in it) and I cut it and nearly everyone was associated with them. So, it’s my references. What should I do? I know, but they are all references to me are no longer relevant wollen.Und also that anyone has any tips for starting this “business”? Parents fill out forms for, ideas, etc? Thanks again! Thanks to the First Responder, and that a good idea about past employers and all, but … My parents never got me down a job. I’ve never had a real job other than babysitting. I tried for ages to get one, and I did not always told by my parents. Any other ideas? Oh, and this whole past year I have not had a job because of the economy. : / Bleh Best Answer.

response from Alyssa’s Mama
Many parents understand that people babysat as a teenager and do not remember the last names of the parents. I watched as a teenager and I remember the children’s first names and that’s about it. Its been 10 + years. People move, divorce, etc. It is difficult to track down old Referenzen.Vielleicht type the name of your former employer and let them speak to your manager. Let them talk to your pastor. Let them talk to someone, where I would like to freiwillig.Als mother words of a priest as a sign on. It would indeed be a glowing review in my head and I would like to rent a young woman from our church to get my daughter to childcare sehen.Ich know from my house and I had no references. It has been a decade since I had babysat for me to let people call my past employers have been. As a mother I feel that gives me a lot of previous child care experience. My 17 month old is my ad for my child care abilities. You can parents with their skills wow.

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