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Posted in Working Mothers on 1st November 2010

question of ………….????: French Question! I use “ma” or “mon” here?
I’m in French 1 and I have some sentences to translate for homework. I try to translate “Comment s’appelle ton prof d’anglais?” but I’m not sure if I’m supposed “mon” or “ma”, because I know you to “ton” accepted answer “mon” but my English teacher is a woman, I would say “ma prof d ‘anglais mme._________ s’appelle? because I know that if you say, “my mother” his “Ma Mère” but my father is “mon pere” And I do not know whether sex works the same way here or not. if you could help me here I would really appreciate it:] Thanks Best Answer:

reply by Paige
yes. ma prof.

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