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Posted in Toddlers on 27th November 2013

freeware program for young toddlers?
I remember a few years ago reading about this great freeware program for young children who are too young to get really could use interactive programs, but like hitting the keys * lol *. I think it was only for the Mac, that was why I ignored it, but I have a Mac jetzt.Wer know what the hell I’m talking about Thanks Best Answer (s):.

starlight_940 Reply
Check www.download.com to see what they have. It’s all freeware and shareware.

Answer by smile
absoloutley above are correct ……. The program is called “Baby Bangers” it is for Mac Computer.gibt there is an organization called ” berkeley parents network “.. that something is not safe with this program what it is, but,” has something to do “(lol) I really believe that if you give in. …….. ……. “Free Software Mac program for young children” or “parents network berkeley” you should be able to link to the actual website …….. good luck to get, and enjoy!

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