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Four offers must have an epidemiological study to be valid?
I have no idea what that means, so any help would be toll.Es must not be too detailed, but everything you could give me would be much too schätzen.Dank Best Answer (s):

response from gangadharan_nair
An epidemiological study is a statistical study on human populations, trying to link human health effects to a specific cause. The work of communicable and non-communicable disease epidemiologists ranges from (1) outbreak investigation, (2) to study, (3) data collection and (4) analysis, including the development of statistical models to test hypotheses and the “Font up ‘the results for submission to peer at magazines.

response from matador89
Epidemiology is the study of how often diseases occur in different groups of people and why. Epidemiological Information . planning and evaluation of strategies for disease prevention and as a guideline for the treatment of patients whose disease has already developed Epidemiological studies need to investigate the cause and effects of a disease in order to be valid, they must:.. A Focus on large groups of people as individuals and relate to an audience, which can be identified. This allows statistics to be used to identifizieren.2 trends and possible causal factors. using populations where incidence of the disease and where it is unequal exposure to the suspected or possible causes. (No conclusions regarding the effect of smoking could a group of people who are drawn to smoke 20 cigarettes a day) .3. Allow for the analysis of factors that contribute to develop the disease in those affected, such as age, gender, ethnicity and occupation könnten.4. Prepare a full report with all the details in a clear and concise manner and provides a preventive policy against the present or future Auftreten.Konsequente standardization and quality control of analytical methods are Epidemiology much; further object of epidemiology is to show the surveillance or monitoring of trends over time, which increase or decrease the incidence of diseases and their distribution changes as the clinical findings and pathology, the epidemiology of a disease is an integral part of its fundamental. Description. This topic has its special techniques of data collection and interpretation, and its necessary jargon of technical terms. An essential feature of epidemiology is to measure the progression of disease in relation to a “population at risk.” The population at risk is the group of people, healthy or sick, which are counted as cases if they had studied the disease. Implicit in any epidemiological study, the notion of a “target group” is to draw on the conclusions are. More often observations can only be on a “trial sample” , selected in any way from the target group. Systematic sampling error can be achieved by using a random selection process, in which each member of the target group has a known (non-zero) probability that can be avoided in the study sample. However, this requires Bullets or “census” of all members of the target group, the feasible may not work. Often the selection of a study sample is partially random. within the target population an accessible subset of the “study population” is defined. The study sample is then randomly selected from the study population selected this way, the people studied are two away from the group with which the study is ultimately. “target study population study sample” The definition of a study population starts with some property that all its members together, this can “geographical” (. “All inhabitants of the United Kingdom in 1985” or “all residents in a particular health district”); “professional” (“all employees of a factory”, “Children of a certain elementary school”, “all welders in England and Wales”) , (“patients on a GP list”, “residents in a nursing home”) “Special care is based on” or “diagnosis” (“all the people of Southampton, the first had an epileptic seizure in 1990 -91”) inside. This broad definition of appropriate restrictions are imposed – for example, age or Geschlecht.Ich add a link to Wikipedia, the details of this Thema.http :/ / en.wikipedia.org / wiki / epidemiology Hope this help matador 89

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