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Posted in Working Mothers on 13th January 2012

Forever Mother’s Love

My boss is a dutiful son. Every winter he would take his mother from the countryside to his house in the city to live. He and his wife take very good care of his mother. His mother is ninety years old and is very happy living there.

This morning, my colleagues and I were discussing about work. Meanwhile we had a chatting break. Our boss came in and said something that touched my heart deeply. He said softly and slowly, “Parents are really nice to us.”

I knew he was speaking about his mother. We did not speak, just waiting for him to continue. He added, “This morning I got up, I went to call my mother up to have breakfast. I saw her secretly shedding tears.”

“Oh? Did she not feel well? Or didn’t feel you treated her right?” I asked with concern. “No, I asked her what happened. And she said ‘I woke up late today, made you guys wait for me to eat.

Will I make you guys late for work?’ I heard her say that and knew she was afraid that she caused trouble for our work. So immediately I told her, ‘Not at all. Don’t worry about it’.”

“Ah, I see.” Parents live in our houses – wake up late, worry that they would cause us trouble for work. So his mother felt bad and shed tears. “Parents are always so caring about us. They really are very nice to us.”

My colleagues and I continue to chat. But in our hearts, we all have a feeling that is difficult to express: Mother’s love – is so amazing!

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